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57 selected works will be screened out of 2,595 submitted films in total for the competition. The films in the One Title Section were devided into 3 categories: International Programmes, National Programmes, and Family & Children Programmes. Out of the selected 57 works in the One Title Section, only one title will win the Grand Prix.

Filmmaker A presents 6 humorous and creative short films by Francois Vogel (France), an emerging talent in experimental film, and 4 films including a new work by Royston Tan (Singapore), who has been named as the next generation of filmmakers to represent Asia.


Total Time 1:36:56 タイムテーブル
Date Time Place
Wed 06 Oct 2010 16:00-17:30 White Rock Theater
Sat 09 Oct 2010 12:00-13:30 White Rock Theater

Mr. Francois Vogel, Mr. Stephane Lavoix / France

Francois Vogel's crazy inventive videos and short films are based on his experiments with cameras and digital arts. There is always something special between the subject he films and what we see on the screen, as if his camera was an alive and intelligent eye adapting itself to what it is looking at.

The Crabs

0:05:45 / Animation, Experimental /

France / 2002

A unique take on the absurdity of war.  A fight goes off between two tribes walking sideways on a beach.  

Construction Ceiling

0:05:30 / Experimental, Animation /

France / 1999

A bizarre moon trip for an ordinary couple.

After the Rain

0:04:00 / Animation /

France / 2008

Music video for Little Dragon. From her little paper-made house, the singer opens the window and sings.



0:04:00 / Experimental, Animation /

France / 2007

A visual experiment where objects in the kitchen can modify the viewer's perception of reality.

Francis Street

0:04:20 / Experimental , Documentary /

France / 1997

From the 5th floor balcony on 11 Francis de Pressensé Street, the life of a Parisian neighbourhood.


0:04:30 / Experimental , Animation /

France / 2009

Urban gymnastics along the streets of Manhattan.


Mr. Royston Tan / Singapore

The 29-year-old Tan has been heralded as Singapore's most promising young filmmaker and the latest cult icon for Singapore. He has collected over 41 international and local film awards for his work to date.


0:09:00 / Fiction /

Singapore / 2005

A story of a man with a lost heart. This film was shot and produced in Sapporo in 2005. It won the Grand Prix in the Lab Competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2007.

My Sars Lover

0:09:38 / Fiction /

Singapore / YEAR

The public toilet can be a potential site of contagion and contamination. So what better setting could there be, for a love story that takes place during Singapore's SARS crisis?

Little Note

0:15:00 / Fiction /

Singapore / 2009

Zhiren and his mother live a simple life in the countryside, expressing their love and care for each other by exchanging notes.


Fish Love

0:03:00 / Fiction /

Singapore / 2010

A sequel to the filmmaker previous film "monkeylove", A surreal conversation between the old mountain and a fish, "Fishlove" explores the 2 mins memory of a fish wanting to remember.


Mr. Martin Menzel / Germany

Menzel was initially trained as a media designer after high school, and he worked for a German Television ZDF. He directed 3 short films in Germany before heading to New York to participate in an intensive filmmaking programme. Now back in Berlin, Germany, Martin is working on his feature-length debut film.

Run Over

0:12:00 / Fiction /

Germany / 2003

Lonely hearts, looking for an affair, are being lured to commit a hit-and-run crime. Not long before the criminal steps into his own trap.

Good Luck, Bunny!

0:04:00 / Fiction /

Germany / 2009

Arriving at a job interview, a girl notices she forgot to change her bunny slippers from home. She decides to steal shoes...


0:20:00 / Fiction /

Germany / 2010

Mike realises things are suddenly vanishing around him – job, home and girlfriend. What will be next?

Filmmaker B presents present Kazik Radwanski's (Canada) trilogy, which focus on different stages of human life: an old lady, a young man, a middle-aged loner, and 3 films by Piotr J. Lewandowski on rather heavy themes, which are not often seen in short films, with his excellent direction.


Total Time 1:26:38 タイムテーブル
Date Time Place
Thu 07 Oct 2010 14:00-15:30 White Rock Theater
Sat 09 Oct 2010 16:00-17:30 White Rock Theater

Mr. Kazik Radwanski / Canada

Radwanski was born in Toronto and studied film at Ryerson University. In 2008 he co-founded the production company Medium Density Fibreboard Films (MDFF). His short films have been screened at international festivals such as Berlinale, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Krakow and Toronto International Film Festival.

Princess Margaret Blvd.

0:14:00 / Fiction /

Canada / 2008

Isabelle confronts frustration, confusion and loneliness caused by Alzheimer's disease, but her courage proves us something powerful.


0:11:00 / Fiction /

Canada / 2007

A teenager attempts to keep his composure following a reckless crime.

Out in that Deep Blue Sea

0:16:00 / Fiction /

Canada / 2009

A real estate agent encounters a slump late in his career, struggling to find balance between professional and personal life.


Mr. Piotr J. Lewandowski / Poland

Born in Warsaw, Piotr J. Lewandowski was educated in Poland, England and Germany. Since 1996 he has been responsible as a director for numerous projects in advertising and filmmaking. He is currently working on his feature film debut, which will be produced in Poland and Germany.


0:15:00 / Fiction /

Poland / 2008

Janek is raised under difficult conditions by his single mother. He struggles through his world using his vivid imagination.

Heavy Pregnant

0:09:00 / Fiction /

Germany / 2003

The satire of a child's late-puberty, his refusal to enter adulthood and the doctors who care for the child.


0:26:00 / Fiction /

Germany / 2009

Under fear of being deported, Dima meets Sarah, whom he finds refuge with. He then agrees to be in her documentary film.  

Filmmaker C presents present 3 films by Tom Geens (UK), an exceptional talent, who has also worked on many commercials, and 3 films of different genres by Kei Ishikawa, who is active in Poland.


Total Time 1:21:00 タイムテーブル
Date Time Place
Fri 08 Oct 2010 16:00-17:30 White Rock Theater
Sun 10 Oct 2010 14:00-15:30 White Rock Theater

Mr. Tom Geens / Belgium

Geens is a self-educated filmmaker working in London. His first feature film, MENTEUR (LIAR) was premiered at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2009. He is now developing his new feature film, Couple in a Hole, with the help of the UKFC and MEDIA.


0:03:50 / Fiction /

United kingdom / 2005

In a peaceful house on a sunny day, a girl appears behind sofa. She covers her face with extraordinarily long fingers and starts mumbling.  


0:20:00 / Fiction /

Belgium / 2006

A woman spots the same old man going through bins on a number of occasions. One day she decides to follow him.

You're the Stranger Here

0:16:44 / Fiction /

United kingdom / 2009

Margot has a crazy leg. She lives in a fascist regime where they shoot people with crazy legs.


Mr. Ishikawa Kei / Japan

After graduating Tohoku Uniersity in Japan, Ishikawa studied filmmaking at the prestigious Leon Schiller's National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre. His films have won many awards at many international film festivals. Ishikawa is currently on a filmmaker's fellowship programme supported by Affairs for Cultural Affairs, Japan.

It's All in the Fingers

0:10:00 / Fiction, Animation /

Poland / YEAR

A gigantic finger starts attacking places, and meanwhile in the White House, President Bush makes a statement about the weapons of mass destruction that were never to be found.

Hear From You

0:13:00 / Documentary /

Poland / YEAR

Margaret and Toshiaki are a deaf couple with kids. They have to live apart, but make meaningful communication.

Dear World

0:17:00 / Fiction /

Poland / 2008

A man wanders through a dreamy, post-apocalyptic landscape, intent upon reaching Zone 42.