58 selected works will be screened out of 2,291 submitted films in total for the competition. The films in the One Title Section were divided into 4 categories: International Programme, National Programme, Family & Children Programme, and Hokkaido Selection. Out of the selected 58 works in the One Title Section, only one title will win the Grand Prix.
A selection of international short films in 6 programmes from A to F (I-A to I-F), 35 works in total will be screened.

Explicit Student Director Woman Director Eco Film

Look before…

The last nail in the coffin may mean many things. Partner, love or death.

Jiří Sádek | 08:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Czech republic


Are you leaving?

What is written behind those books of dragons, princes and princesses? Once upon a time…the reality.

Cristina molino | 06:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Spain


Getting There

When Mic, a simple young man, is thrown out of a car in the middle of nowhere his goal of reaching the seaside seems far away.

Blaz Zavrsnik | 20:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Slovenia


Coast warning

TThe story of two shy people in the midst of a great gale.LOVE under adverse conditions.

Alexandra Shadrina | 07:45 | Animation | 2011 | Russia


Chase Thompson, a film by Chase Thompson

Chase Thompson makes a zombie film written, directed, and starring Chase Thompson about Chase Thompson making a film. A film by Vincent Lin.

Vincent Lin | 12:25 | Fiction | 2010 | USA


Traces of light

In the magic atmosphere of a summer night four different people stray around in the dark, looking for some joy and trying to overcome their melancholia.

Claire Walka | 14:30 | Fiction | 2010 | Germany

Fiction_Coming of Age

I don't want any stone in my cherry

Josephine, who is named after Josephine Baker, says bastards get on her nerves, things are smelly and that she’s always freezing.

Louise Arhex | 22:00 | Fiction | 2010 | France


Green Crayons

The more they spit, the more they enjoy themselves. When the teacher arrives, Xavier and Liam are moulded by their actions.

Kazik Radwanski | 10:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Canada


La détente

IIn a trench during the first world war, a French soldier becomes paralyzed with fear. His mind disconnects from reality and escapes to a toy world.

Pierre Ducos, Bertrand Bey | 08:30 | Animation | 2011 | France



With the passionate kind of crush that only 14-year-olds can muster, Angela and Arina dream themselves out of their Stockholm suburb to Berlin. A film about friendship, infatuation and the heartbreak of growing up.

Ina Holmqvist ,Emelie Wallgren | 29:00 | Documentary | 2010 | Sweden

Documentary_Coming of Age


After Sofia’s death, Carlos receives a package with a bottle. When he injects himself with the liquid contained inside he recovers his loved one for a few moments. Facing the imminent depletion of the liquid , Carlos must make a choice.

Francisco Amezcua | 17:42 | Fiction | 2010 | Mexico


Broken Night

Kyoung-pyo earns a living as an insurance fraudster.One night, he has an accident with a young girl.

Hyojoo Yang | 23:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Korea



Bert’s scantily dressed downstairs neighbour, Klaasje, comes by to borrow a cup of sugar, a standard situation with a possibly sexual outcome.

Jeroen Annokkee | 07:35 | Fiction | 2010 | Netherlands


Paths of Hate

“Paths of Hate” is a short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.

Damian Nenow | 10:00 | Animation | 2010 | Poland


The Legend of Beaver Dam

When a campfire ghost story awakens an evil monster, it’s up to nerdy Danny Zigwitz to save his fellow campers from a bloody massacre. Crank up the volume and scream along to this musical gore-fest in the woods!

Jerome Sable | 12:00 | Horror | 2010 | Canada


Yuri Lennon's landing on Alpha 46

After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha64, the cosmonaut Yuri Lennon is confronted with an extraordinary paradox...

Anthony Vouardoux | 14:30 | Fiction | 2010 | Germany



An aspiring film director wakes suddenly to find a camera following his every move. He is trapped inside a film as it is being made. He struggles to escape, to get back to reality, to sanity, and to the girl he loves.

Cédric Prévost | 18:00 | Fiction | 2010 | France



A woman arrives in an unknown country at day break. She appears to be running away from her past.

Piers Thompson | 25:00 | Fiction | 2010 | United kingdom



Jeff the Chef wants his prize salmon to help him win Fish Chef of The Year.

Damian Samuels | 07:06 | Fiction | 2011 | United kingdom


Crimson Jade

“Crimson Jade” centers on middle school dropout Jade, who abandons herself to taking illegal drugs. Unprepared for motherhood, the pregnant young girl decides to have an abortion - by taking even more drugs.

King Wai Cheung | 27:55 | Fiction | 2010 | China, hong kong


The guilt

After the murder of Leo’s wife a single idea circles endlessly within his head: revenge.

David Victori | 14:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Spain



A young woman intervenes when she witnesses men mugging a girl. Now one of them won’t leave her alone.

Daniel Mulloy | 25:00 | Fiction | 2010 | United kingdom


The External World

A boy learns to play the piano.

David O'Reilly | 15:00 | Animation | 2010 | Germany



Welcome to Rubika, a planet with a fancy gravity.

Script & design by Guillaume Plantevin(Claire Baudean, Ludovic Habas, Mickaël Krebs,Julien Legay, Chao Ma, Florent Rousseau, Caroline Roux, Margaux Vaxelaire) |03:58 | Animation | 2010 | France



A film about young and old love in a simple, touching drama.

Markus Kaatsch | 14:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Germany

Fiction_Coming of Age

Guanape Sur

A barren rock island off the coast of Peru. No soil, no water, but hundreds of thousands of birds. For a period of ten years, only two guards may live on Guanape Sur. In the eleventh year though, hundreds of workers arrive for the harvest of the birds' excrement.

Janos Richter | 23:01 | Documentary | 2010 | Italy


Strata #3

Strata #3 explores and unveils what lies beneath the figurative complexity of a painted ceiling, creating a living abstract.

Quayola | 07:00 | Animation | 2010 | France


The 3rd Letter

Faced with the imminent loss of his crucial health insurance, Brief unwittingly unravels a dark reality behind his insurance and himself.

Grezegorz Jonkajtys | 15:00 | Fiction | 2010 | USA


Join the Dots

The story of a girl at who doesn’t fit in at her new University but finds hope in a boy in a silver jacket who doesn’t seem to care about fitting in.

Jessica Lux | 23:08 | Fiction | 2010 | United kingdom

Fiction_Coming of Age

Getting Air

Getting Air' is an urban basketball drama about three teenage friends struggling to connect with each other and the adults in their lives.

Mark Noonan | 08:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Ireland

Fiction_Coming of Age

Falling Apart

Frank is a man facing a very exceptional, unfortunate situation. His point of gravity is slipping away, And soon his social life will fall apart...

Jasper Wessels | 13:32 | Fiction | 2011 | Netherlands


First Aid

A day before his wedding, Shai visits Tamar, his ex-girlfriend, for a tempestuous encounter prior to becoming established. Tamar leaves him a hickey, entangling the situation.

Yarden Karmin | 15:55 | Fiction | 2010 | Israel


Reign of Terror

An Al Qaeda kidnapping meets the Pepsi taste test challenge. What happens when terrorists want to improve their marketing image?

David Uloth | 08:45 | Fiction | 2010 | Canada



On a caravan holiday by the ocean, a young girl inspires her dying father to face his own mortality with dignity and courage.

Kasimir Burgess | 15:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Australia


The Josh Condition

The Josh Condition follows an awkward, out-of-shape Hollywood tour bus driver cleaning up his act in order to woo a beautiful vegetarian.

Jyrki Rantasuo | 26:32 | Fiction | 2011 | USA