58 selected works will be screened out of 2,291 submitted films in total for the competition. The films in the One Title Section were divided into 4 categories. Out of the selected 58 works in the One Title Section, only one title will win the Grand Prix.
A selection of international short films in 2 programs A and B (N-A and N-B), 11 works in total will be screened.

Explicit Student Director Woman Director Eco Film

rain town

In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped falling. One day, a girl wanders into the deserted town...

Ishida Hiroyasu | 09:55 | Animation | 2011 | Japan


Narita Field Trip

A young couple from Tokyo comes to Narita to do some voluntary work on an organic farm near the airport. They get confronted with the history and current activities of the farmers, which are protesting against the airport since the 70ies. Each of them has to face a decision: to go back to Tokyo or to stay at Narita.

Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani | 29:28 | Fiction | 2010 | Japan



A bear who wants to become popular performs a variety of routines to get the people’s attention.

Seiji Ohara | 01:52 | Animation | 2010 | Japan



Sone is being bullied by her classmate Katase. Utsunomiya who is also Sone’s classmate and her only friend tries to help Sone, but Sone rejects her. There is a secret between Sone and Katase that Utsunomiya is not aware of.

Kiyoto Kawamura | 28:30 | Fiction | 2010 | Japan

Fiction_Coming of Age

Miyuki's Wind Bell

Against her will, Miyuki must leave Tokyo and take her two young half-brothers to the country home of their quirky grandmother, but when they arrive she will discover that she had to leave her home in order to find it.

Ken Ochiai | 20:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Japan


the tender march

A flawed young girl uses the power of memories to eradicate the monster in her life.

Wataru Uekusa | 04:48 | Animation | 2011 | Japan


An affectionate summer

On a summer’s afternoon a girl recalls her past. As she does so, the clothes she has just taken off take the form of an insect and begin to eat her.

Asuka Shirata | 07:06 | Animation | 2011 | Japan



Four people are invited to join in a 10 minute psychological experiment for a thousand dollars each. But things are not so simple.

Albert Ventura | 29:00 | Experimental | 2010 | Japan


The First Time

A quiet mood piece about a girl who discovers physical intimacy for the first time. Yoyoko has offered to help her friend, Koichi, practice his moves as he learns to seduce his girlfriend. But Yoyoko's desire leads her astray.

Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour | 13:00 | Fiction | 2010 | Japan



Every living thing makes a unique sound but when they interact it becomes chaos and then melody.

Mirai Mizue | 05:38 | Experimental | 2011 | Japan


Kyojima 3rd street, Sumida city

A girl’s coming-of-age film, in which she grows up through interactions with people around.

Kota Yoshida | 30:00 | Fiction | 2011 | Japan

Fiction_Coming of Age