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SACRIFICE~Pripyat Under Water~

”SACRIFICE~Pripyat Under Water~” is soulful story of people described by animation at the actual Pripyat, Chernobyl which has became a ghost town

Uta Mizuno、Akiyoshi Imazeki
Animation | Japan | 2011 | 11:28

    Love is strong

    A story of a young father who chose to let his wife and child live far away while he kept on working for his company in Tokyo.

    Kensuke Senoo
    Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 6:53

      The Book remaining silent / Town of the candle lights

      Black burnt rubble. A pitch black station. Dark night. Rain. Winter. Unforgetable pained eyes. But this is REAL world. What a terrible REAL world. Can’t stop crying.

      Yuji Kamiyama (MU-STAR GROUP) xMINORxU
      Artist: SLANG
      Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 03:52

        The people who never stop

        The story of a crowd who never stop, for the best and the worst.

        Florian Piento
        Animation | France | 2012 | 3:30

          FRYING DUTCHMAN "humanERROR"

          The radiated modern spiritual song from Japan.

          Shoji Goto
          Documentary | 2012 | Japan | 19:47

            Nuclear Waste

            Sergey and Sveta live in Chernobyl. He is a truck driver at a radioactive waste plant while she works at a radioactive decontamination station. Their work and life are dictated by one unchangeable rhythm.

            Myroslav Slaboshpytski
            Fiction | Ukraine | 2012 | 24:00

            • Mature/Nudity


            The film imagines a parallel-universe version of Japan which also suffered a nuclear crisis but was less lucky than its real world counterpart. It's a place where fallout readings are a part of the weather forecast and gas masks are as ubiquitous as black suits and Gucci bags.

            Yukihiro Shoda
            Fiction | Japan | 2011 | 5:17



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