Tamburine Buttocks

This video work is a celebration of the "BUNDA PANDEIRO." In Brazilian slang, the two words are used to describe attractive buttocks
by referring to them as a tambourine. The rear end has globally become the new focus of sexuality. The film blurs the lines between gender and race by reducing each participant to the role of a musical instrument. Traditional sexual roles and racial constructs are eliminated. The opera is a metaphorical representation of the “tambourine,“ which has no gender, or ethnicity but is defined perfect just from the sound that it makes.

carlo sampietro
Experimental | Brazil | 2012 | 0:02:05

Sao Paulo Film festival do minute (winner)
Berlin international short film festival (finalist)

    The Equation of Love

    Cecilia 3rd grade class. Final exams. IAN, who wonders about dating NINA (who wonders about several other things except dating IAN), dreams about his beloved and gets confused in the solution of his test that can seal his destiny. das Flores school. 9:15 AM.

    Fabio Allon
    Fiction | Brazil | 2012 | 0:20:20

    Award of Excellence at The Indie Fest, USA, 2013.
    Official Selection at Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu, CHILE, 2013.

    • Mature