An old couple is faced with the apocalypse on their small farm in Germany.

Philip Kaessbohrer
Fiction | Germany | 2011 | 23:00

    Romy, I'm shy

    Juergen Vollmer met The Beatles 1960 in Hamburg music club Kaiserkeller. They hung around together, Vollmer started photographing them and when they met again in Paris, The Beatles insisted to get his haircut.
    A montage of animated sequences, interviews and original artist photos by J.Vollmer.

    Andreas Gruetzner
    Documentary | Germany | 2013 | 0:14:57

    Shortfilmfestival Hamburg /Germany - World Premier – June 2013
    DOC/FEST Sheffield / UK Viedeotheque – June 2013

      Bear Me

      A young woman’s object of love, and other desires, is a surprisingly strange choice in her seemingly otherwise quite normal world.

      Katarzyana Wilk
      Fiction | Germany | 2012 | 0:06:00



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