Voice Over

The French voice of an old man jumps from one extreme scene to another, confused by the story which he is trying to tell us. Until he finally is aware of it…

Martin Rosete
Fiction| Spain | 2012 | 0:09:40


    Reveal is the story of an obsession, An explicit tribute to the universe of "Blow Up", "The c onversation" and "Blow Out"

    Ignacio Estaregui
    Fiction | Spain | 2012 | 0:14:30

    17 SCIFE - Semana del Cine y de la Imagen de Fuentes de Ebro (Spain) / Best short film, best edition, best BSO, best cinematography, best production

      The Acrobat

      Every forty seconds a person commits suicide in the world. The Acrobat is the story of one of them.

      Gerardo Herrero
      Fiction | Spain | 2012 | 0:15:00

      • Mature

      Growing Leo

      Leo, a little fly, finds in an embittered professor his only friendship, the professor discovers that Leo Grows in proportion to what he eats...

      Romero Ruben Mateo
      Animation | Spain | 2012 | 0:09:00

      -Razoreel fantastic film festival
      -The New Taipei city film festival



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