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Omnibus story of Ainu

Animation | Japan | 2013 | 0:16:55


    Video works based on the commemorative photo artist himself was photographed between 1981 and 2001.

    Teppei Koseki
    Experimental | Japan | 2012 | 0:12:01


      Man continues to look for the beginning of the story. But that does not work everyday.

      Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:07:10

        The Shore

        Three years have passed since Tomohiro committed suicide in the sea.Persons' left-behind thought.

        Makiro Hosono
        Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:14:25

          The Summer of A Girl Who Get Recover Her Interest

          Yune is interested in nothing and spending summer holiday with boring.
          One day, she met strange children in a park.

          Satomi Fukuda
          Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:30:00

          • Student Director



            Student Director


          Painting Buddhist Saints

          Yukiko Kunii paints Buddhist Saints in Tibetan style. She had trained in Nepal. It took months to complete a painting, but she says she never feels fatigue.

          Takuya Yoshimura
          Documentary | Japan | 2013 | 0:05:05

            true flower

            Two men who met again for the first time in 12 years.
            They do the drive of a night involving the incident witnessed once.

            Takahashi Kenta
            Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:22:15

              An Awkward Grace

              A young student's struggle with the weight of life. And among it all, a story of gentle reconciliation.

              Yosuke Yamaguchi
              Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:27:35

                No.184's Homecoming

                Kaho has been blaming herself for murdering her own child. After facing her sin for long, what would she find in the end?

                Megumi Sasaki
                Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:10:30

                  daughter of franken

                  A former genius girl singer operates a face orthopedically uglily. Since it becomes the leading role of a horror picture. To that day of the audition –

                  Amato Jinnai
                  Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:23:21



                      Student Director

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