• Sun Air Water

    "Sun, Air and Water." describes the extreme disparity between the poor and the rich by telling how a kid searches sunshine under the surrounding of grand residence mansion.

    Chih-Keng Chuang

    Fiction | Taiwan | 2014 | 0:28:55

  • The Poem Thief

    11 years old Anu’s only friend is the hero of her favourite comic book – Detective Sher Khan! With his help, she tries to catch a thief and teachs her classmates the lesson of acceptance.

    Asmit Pathare

    Fiction | India | 2014 | 0:19:28

  • Fly With Me

    A Dinosaur has a balloon and a bumblebee falls in love with it.

    Joelle Tyea Enver

    Animation | Singapore | 2014 | 0:02:28

  • FOOD

    An animated documentary features interviews with a variety of eaters, such as vegans and pescetarians. The conversation raises many issues about the environment and modern life.

    Siqi Song

    Documentary | China | 2014 | 0:03:32

  • the Actress

    An actress goes to mountain with her friends. They happen to join a few men, including a film producer, for a drink. As they get drunk, they start to reveal their prejudices toward her.

    Moon Sori

    Fiction | Korea (South) | 2014 | 0:18:00

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