A family gets a package from their father from abroad containing mysterious medicine, which they are told not to take.

    Katsutoshi Kawabe

    Animation | Japan | 2010 | 0:04:10 | SSF2010

  • Too Close to the Sky

    24 hours can reveal a lot. Set amidst the underground music scene a father and son collide, each finding out more about each other than they could possibly have imagined.

    Denis Quinn

    Fiction | Japan | 2010 | 0:20:21 | SSF2011

  • party 

    I walk with five persons.

    Shoh Kataoka

    Fiction | Japan | 2011 | 0:19:19 | SSF2012

  • An Awkward Grace

    A young student's struggle with the weight of life. And among it all, a story of gentle reconciliation.

    Yosuke Yamaguchi

    Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:27:35 | SSF2013

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  • Cry at Dusk

    This is the story of city’s life and beauty intertwined as told by a radio program. The harsh reality of life is not easy to bear. Tomorrow never fails to come, so lift your heads up.
    What matters is to remember the day’s scenery as we listen to the gentle music. And we can face forward.

    Takahiro Chubachi

    Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:14:10 | SSF2014

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