• Bandage

    A man goes home after buying a mirror. The house is quiet, but the shattered mirror in the frame indicates some events have happened before.

    Omid Abdollahi

    Fiction | Iran | 2011 | 0:09:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    17th Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Thailand, 2013
    7th Sardinia International Short Film Festival, Italy, 2012
    5th Abu Dhabi Film Festival, United Arab Emirates, 2011

  • Glimmer

    An old optician is going to close his optometry shop due to his weak eyesight. But there is still a client who has not referred to receive her spectacles yet.

    Omid Abdollahi

    Fiction | Iran | 2012 | 0:17:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    Jury’s Special Mention at the 35th Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France, 2013
    Jury Prize at the 16th Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt, 2013
    21th ARCIPELAGO International Festival of Short Films and New Images, Italy, 2013

  • Hostess

    A middle aged woman reluctantly accepts to take part in his son’s nightly party, but not as a guest. She is the hostess.

    Omid Abdollahi

    Fiction | Iran | 2014 | 0:19:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    20th Geneva International Film Festival/Festival Tous Écrans, Switzerland, 2014
    31th Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran, 2014