United States

  • Perfect Houseguest

    A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.

    Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter

    Animation | USA | 2015 | 0:01:30

    Prize & Screenings:

    Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, UK (’15)
    Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Canada(’15)
    Krok International Animated Film Festial, Russia/Ukraine (’15)

  • Itanglish

    Having drunkenly gone home together, Giovanni and Kimberly discover they don't understand a word of the same language next morning.

    Luca Brinciotti

    Fiction | USA | 2015 | 0:06:22

  • Pigeon: Impossible

    A hapless government agent is faced with a problem when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside his multi-million dollar nuclear briefcase and nearly triggers World War III.

    Lucas Martell

    Animation | USA | 2009 | 0:06:15

    Prize & Screenings:

    SSF2009上映 / in competition

  • Sabre Dance

    After the concert tour in Spain, a composer Aram Khachaturian gets an opportunity to meet Salvador Dali. Soon, Aram learns that artists can be different in their attitude to life, art and etiquette.

    Ilya Rozhkov

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:14:05

    Prize & Screenings:

    USA Film Festival (Finalist)
    Cannes Film Festival
    Harvard Film Festival (Best Director Award)

  • Artificio Conceal

    A man finds his mind 'hacked', his memories replaced and his identity lost. He must discover who hacked his nervous system and stole the device responsible for time itself.

    Ayoub Qanir

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:16:07

    Prize & Screenings:

    ​Maryland, Seattle, New York, Edinburgh and many more…

  • The Gunfighter

    In a small town in the old west, a lone and weary gunfighter enters a saloon. As he walks through the room, the fight between the gunfighter and the voice will began…

    Eric Kissack

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:08:36

  • Texting: A Love Story

    A short awkward comedy about love, intimacy, and connection in the digital age.

    Jeanette Buck

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:08:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    Mykonos Biennale
    Golden Door International Film Festival, Jersey City, NJ
    Athens International Film and Video Film Festival, Ohio

  • Aden

    A mysterious man runs in with an violent robot in city streets. He eventually defeats it and reveals his true identity: an agent of Aden Inc.

    Gary Lee

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:10:52

    Prize & Screenings:

    Cinequest Film Festival
    Seattle International Film Festival
    Palm Springs Int. Short Fest

  • The Dam Keeper

    Despite bullying from classmates, Pig works tirelessly to keep the windmill spinning to protect his town from pollution. When a new student joins his class, everything begins to change.

    Dice Tsutsumi, Robert Kondo

    Animation | USA | 2013 | 0:18:05

    Prize & Screenings:

    SSF2014 Best Children Short / Sapporo Peace Award

  • Outworld

    Luis lives his fantasies in a video game. When his real wife insists he choose between reality and fantasy, his emotions hover in limbo between the real world and the virtual.

    Niav Conty

    Fiction, Experimental | USA | 2014 | 0:15:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    New Media Film Festival – Los Angeles – Best Machinima Award
    Alicante Film Festival – Spain – Special Mention Award
    Cityvisions – NYC - Best production design, best editing, best short narrative film

  • Cooped

    A sofa-bound dog is shocked to discover that a whole world waits just outside the door... The maddening, unbreakable door.

    Mike A. Smith

    Animation | USA | 2014 | 0:09:04

    Prize & Screenings:

    Best Animation (Audience Award) - 2015 San Francisco Independent Film Festival
    Honorable Mention - 2015 Animatricks Animation Festival
    Official Selection : Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

  • Best Man Wins

    When a celebrated New York chef discovers an affair between his super-model wife and his best man-- the owner of France's finest vineyard, he devises a plan to deal with each of them.

    Stéphane Dumonceau

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:19:59

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2015: Best Cinematography, Wes Cardino

    2015 Tribeca Film Festival
    2015 Seattle International Film Festival
    2015 Palm Springs Shortfest

  • Radio

    A lonely, old man comes across his fathers radio which resurfaces a cherished memory from his youth.

    Cody Mathieson Packer

    Fiction | USA | 2014 | 0:07:00

  • Miss Famous

    Monica, a self­confident maid with big dreams, wants it all: fame, romance and a happily­ever­after ending for herself and her young daughter. But will her dreams come true?

    Shadae Lamar Smith

    Fiction | USA | 2015 | 0:13:00

  • My Best Friend's Death

    A comedy about a guy who tries to commit suicide. When the Grim Reaper arrives, the two discover they went to high school together!

    Eric McCoy

    Fiction | USA | 2015 | 0:15:00

  • The OceanMaker

    After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

    Lucas Martell

    Animation | USA | 2014 | 0:10:04

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2015: Children Short Award Bronze

    SXSW – Official Selection
    Montreal World International Film Festival