Rosto is a Dutch artist and filmmaker best known for his award-winning short film trilogy and online graphic novel Mind My Gap. Rosto is founder and owner of Studio Rosto A.D, a film production company, animation studio and atelier based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


  • No place like home

    A one-eyed has been TV presenter hides away in a hotel room with his dead sidekick to watch reruns from their better days. “It’s OK, I’m just glad you are here”.

    Animation | Netherlands | 2009 | 0:06:10

  • Lonely bones

    A short hallucinative film about making dreams and making sacrifice :
    « Hail! To all the souls-O
    Hiding on rotting floors
    Little did they know that they would make today »

    Animation | Netherlands | 2013 | 0:10:00

  • Splintertime

    “Zip up! And let’s dance to the sound of breaking glass.” A band of sleepy spirits in an ambulance runs out of road. The third in a series of musical films featuring Thee Wreckers.

    Animation | Netherlands | 2014 | 0:11:03

Peter Volkart


PETER VOLKART has studied visual arts and filmmaking in Zurich and New York. He has made independent short films as well as documentaries for television. Besides working in film, Peter Volkart has had various exhibitions in art galleries and museums in Switzerland and abroad.


  • Terra Incognita

    Rare film documents of a hazardous expedition beyond Zentropa and through the Karfunkel archipelago. Will Igor Leschenko, the physicist from Hermannstadt ever find Nanopol island and the point of zero gravity?

    Fiction | Switzerland | 2006 | 0:18:33

  • Room 606

    The attic room number 606 at the Hotel Royal has its pitfalls. Something rather peculiar is happening beyond the wall. The travelling salesman Jonathan Fisch can expect a very turbulent night.

    Fiction | Switzerland | 2012 | 0:16:11

    Prize & Screenings:

    Zimmer 606 participated at over 50 international Festivals.
    Winner - Best Film Hong Kong int. Film Festival 2013, Méliès d’Or, Best European Fantastic Short Film 2012, Best Swiss Short Film Neuchâtel Int. Fantastic Film Festival 2012 and more than 6 other awards

  • Subotika-Land of Wonders

    Subotika, an enchanting country with extraordinary sights, grand visions and a couple of minor problems.
    Book right now! Subotika, the holiday destination that lives up to its promises.

    Fiction | Switzerland | 2015 | 0:14:02