• Savage Night

    A prostitute working for the Japanese mafia and finds a baby that no one was aware of. That meeting will change her destiny.

    Kristof Sagna

    Fiction | Japan | 2014 | 0:19:21

    Prize & Screenings:

    2015 June Short Short
    2015 July Director file

  • Scutes on my mind

    The scutes glisten in the corner of her mind and she starts to dig her memories up. What was like the museum director she encountered when she was lost?

    Megumi Ishitani

    Animation | Japan | 2015 | 0:08:58

    Prize & Screenings:

    フランスの映画祭 ONE Country ONE Film Apchat International Film Festivalに入選

  • Soft-Boiled

    A daughter is about to leave for abroad, but her father is enjoying himself. The story of a daughter and her father at a hot spring hotel, and the eggs boiled in the hot spring steam.

    Takafumi Tachibana

    Fiction | Japan | 2015 | 0:11:24

    Prize & Screenings:


  • Your desk

    After school, Satoru saw a girl in his classroom.
    She was sitting at his seat and leaning on his desk dreamily.

    Shoh Kataoka

    Fiction | Japan | 2014 | 0:17:00

    Prize & Screenings:


  • A Warm Spell

    Naoki gave up his dream for the family business. His older brother left home to become a doctor. They meet again for mother’s funeral and face to the old conflicts and resentments.

    Toshimichi Saito

    Fiction | Japan | 2014 | 0:25:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2015: Best National Short

    ショートショートフィルムフェスティバル&アジア2015 ベストアクターアワード(福島慎之介)

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