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Program Explanation

Competition Programs (14 Programs, 120 Films)

International Programs (9 Programs, 70 Films)
National Programs (2 Programs, 15 Films)

This year the One Title Section has increased in size. With a total of 11 programs of 85 films, we have gathered some of the newest and best short films in the world today. The official selections represent exactly that. From these official selections the Sapporo Short Fest Committee has nominated films for each award and the winners will be chosen! Good Luck to all of them!

I - A Laughs and Smiles I - B Artistic
I - C Cinemagoers I - D Discoveries
I - E Urban Life I - F Challenging
I - G Touching
I - H Portraits
Children's Program For Chirdren and Family  
N - A National Program A
N - B National Program B
Filmmakers’ Section
(3 Programs, 7 Directors, 35 Films)

3~6 Films from each Director, totaling up-to 45 minutes running time is the focus of this section.
Each selection of titles from each director is similar to a musical artist’s performance, and each filmmaker is judged on their works as a whole. The Sapporo Short Fest is a unique festival in this way. No other festival in the world focuses on the short film director in such a way. This year, 5 directors from abroad and 2 Japanese directors have been chosen. They will be competing for the Filmmakers Grand Prix.

Special Programs

Special Programs @ Toho Plaza

The special program section is comprised of films that are not in competition. They are from our Sister Festival in California, or by invitation from Australia, Poland, Japan, and throughout Asia. Most of the screenings will be held at Theater KINO.

Award Premium Program

Award Premium Program

Screening of the films that won awards the night before at the Award Ceremony. Grand Prix winners and all. We will announce the winners the day of the screening.


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