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Special Program

A special program is a program that differs from competition, and collects no target works of the invitation for each prize. Chiefly, each country is programmed, and, up to now, California, Australia, the Korean music clip, and the Asian typhoon have been screened this year. Moreover, new screening schedule of Germany program and UK program as special program.

Tokyo Onlypic;Super-guerrilla screening.
Tokyo 2008 Onlypic

Roaring by 15 creators. Unprecedented. Varchal sports ..drinking.. athletic meet.
This Program participates of SSF2007 filmmaker section nomination "Ski Jumping pair" including Riichiro Mashima, and Hiroyuki Nakao, and Bill Brimbton.

Sat 13th September 2:00~4:30(12th Late Show)
Toho Plaza

A high quality selection from the 2008 California Independent Film Festival- SSF’s sister festival.

Fri 12th September 21:00~22:30
Mon 15th September 18:00~19:30
Screened List

Struck by Taron Lexton [USA] / 07:00 / 2008 Terres Noires (Black Lands) by Clement Gharini [Belgium] / 21:00 / 2008 Droomtijd (Dream Time) by Tom Van Avermaet [Belgium] / 20:00 / 2006 Janey Mary by Paul Brady [Ireland] / 20:00 / 2007 The Vaudevillian by Bryan Nest [USA] / 16:00 / 2007 ----

Motodrom」 Jörg Wagner

The 5th annual selection of the best recently produced Australian shorts chosen from the extensive catalogue of QPIX Australia. QPIX is the Queensland Government film production support and film training organisation located in Brisbane.

Mon 15th September 12:00~13:30
Screened List

JOONBA by Dean Gibson / 10:36 NINE MILES BEAUTIFUL by Marty Moynihan / 14:48 JUDGED by Stephen Hamacek / 09:10 CLEVERMAN by Joe Brumm / 09:12 JUMP by Sophia Sourris / 09:10 THE SOUND OF CRY by Michael Mier / 08:43 JULIAN by Tom Noakes / 20:45 ---

GERMAN Program
「Motodrom」 Jörg Wagner

A unique selection of shorts programmed by this year's jury member Ulrich Wegenast -from Trickfilm- Festival Stuttgart and the European Kurzfilmbiennale in Ludwigsburg.

Fri 14th September  21:00~22:30
Mon 15th September 14:00~15:30
Screened List

Peters Principle by Kathrin Albers, Jim Lacy / 5:18 / 2007  Don't Fear the Atom by Jon Frickey, Till Penzek / 02:00 / 2007 German Air Force Guy by Jon Frickey, Till Penzek / 01:45 / 2007 The Bunjies by Ged Haney, Andreas Hykade / 03:00 / 2007 Cyber by Stefan Eling / 05:04 / 2007 Our Wonderful Nature by Tomer Eshed / 05:10 / 2008 Red Rabbit by Egmont Mayer / 08:00 / 2007 Anhalter by Daniel Höpfner /13:00 / 2007 Post! by Matthias Bruhn, Christian smussen / 08:00 / 2007 Outsourcing by Markus Dietrich / 06:12 / 2006 GAINING GROUND by Marc Brummund / 20:30 /2007  Whirr by Timo Katz / 03:08 /2006 Motodrom by Jörg Wagner / 08:00 / 2006 ----

UK Programl

This program is now the centerpiece of an official relationship between the SSF and the UK film industry - this year the films have been chosen based on their unique content and style and the selection includes Soft directed by Simon Ellis.

Mon 15th September 16:00~17:30
Screened List

STEAM by Damien Rea / 02:32 / 2008 Alex and her Arse Truck by Sean Conway / 15:00 / 2007 The Animal Book by Chris Randall / 10:00 / 2007 WINDING DOWN by Richard Parkin / 11:50 / 2008 Homeless Me by James Newton / 27:00 / 2007 The Weatherman by Will Becher / 03:20 / 2007 Dying Backwards by Simon Ellis / 02:50 / 2008 Subterranean Scene Filter by Simon Ellis / 02:45 / 2008 SOFT by Simon Ellis / 14:00 / 2007 ----

Asian Typhoon

Smash hit in Japan「Cyborg She」(2008) and「My Sassy Girl」(2001), one of the hottest South Korean filmmaker Kawak Jae-Yong is showing his short film "The whisper of memories". Also, screening the 「Tit For Tat」a director Paween Ourijitpanya  from the omnibus film "4BIA" which has been the No.1 Box Office ranking (Thailand, 2008) as of August 2008!!

Mon 15th September 10:00~11:30
Screened List

The whisper of memories by Gwak Jaeyong / Korea / HD 33:00 Tit for Tat / Paween Purijitpanya / Thailand / HD 33:00 / 2008 ----

Korean Music Clips
korean music crips

The popular program KOREAN MUSIC CLIP is back as usual here at the festival. The FM Northwave DJ Masayuki Furuya programmed newest and rear music clips from Korea. This year, we are going to have Kim Hun Sik. He has produced the One Take Music Video Series “INDIES TO GO” and his production studio SIDEKICKS became industry’s new buzz in Korea.

Fri 12th September 18:00~19:30
Toho Plaza