Program Explanation

Film Maker's Section - Film Maker's Programs

A film director programs more than 3 of own films within 45min. This is unusual entry system in the world! In this way, style and characteristics of filmmaker are obvious.
While One Title Section is like a "Single cut", you can enjoy Film Makers Section as "Album".
This year 8 directors and 1 Group, 34 works are screened.

  • Mai Yoshida
  • Alexandre Philippe
  • Anna McGrath
  • Erik Rosenlund
  • Michael Wolf
  • Reiko Yokosuka
  • Natalia Kuzmina
  • Terry O' Leary

インターナショナル・プログラム [6プログラム-43作品]
One Title Section - International Programs [6 Programs - 43 Films]

It aims at the grand prix in six programs in total from I-A to I-F.

ナショナル・プログラム [2プログラム-14作品]
One Title Section - National Programs [2 Programs - 14 Films]

It is a program that collects domestic works.

チルドレン・プログラム [1プログラム-12作品]
One Title Section - Children Programs [1 Programs - 12 Films]

They are one program 12 works that the adult and the child can enjoy in all families.

Special Program

Venue : Sapporo TOHO Plaza / Theater KINO

A special program is a program that differs from competition, and collects no target works of the invitation for each prize. Chiefly, the programmed thing of each country is abundant, and, up to now, California, Australia, the Korean music clip, and the Asian typhoon have been screened this year. Moreover, new screening schedule of Germany program and UK program as special program.

ECO Short

15 works are shown out of each program.


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