Film Malker Programs


F-A Directors

Film Makers A Directors


Mai Yoshida

  • Mai Yoshida吉田 舞
  • UKイギリス
  • Born in Japan. Moved to UK in‘00. Completed MA at Royal College of Art in‘06. Currently makes animations in London and showcases them in galleries and festivals in various countries.

Alexandre Philippe

  • Alexandre Philippeアレキサンダー・フィリップ
  • USAアメリカ
  • Swiss-French filmmaker Alexandre holds a Masters Degree in Dramatic Writing from New York Universityユs Tisch School of the Arts, where he won the Founderユs Day Award and the Senior Achievement Award. He is Creative Director and Co-Owner of Cinema Vertige, a multiple award-winning film production company based in Denver.
    Recent shorts include "Left" and "The Spot". Left premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival, has screened at 36 international film festivals and won the Saga Prefecture Governor's Award at the Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition (Tokyo, Japan), the Special Jury Prize at the Cinema Jove International Film Festival (Valencia, Spain), and First Prize in Cinematography at the Short Film Festival of India.
    Currently, Alexandre is busy directing "The People vs. George Lucas", a high-profile feature-length documentary slated for release in the Spring of 2010.

Alexandre Philippe

  • Anna McGrath アナ・マッグラス
  • Australiaオーストラリア
  • Anna McGrath is a film writer and director based in Melbourne, Australia. She focuses on stories that resonate with universal experience. Through a lens of curiosity of wonder, her films investigate the vagaries of humanity, the ebb and flow of understanding and the strangeness of the everyday. Anna has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Film Narrative and a Masters in Film at the School of Film & TV, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Her work has appeared at festivals around the world and her short film Small Change (2007) has garnered a number of international awards.

F-B Directors

Film Makers B Directors


Erik Rosenlund

  • Erik Rosenlundエーリック・ローゼンルンド
  • Swedenスウェーデン
  • Born in 1975, Erik worked as an illustrator and a maker of comics before learning animation. His films have won several awards and been shown around the world at some of the world's most prestigious festivals, most notably two selections at the Cannes Film Festival.

Michael Wolf

  • Michael Wolfマイケル・ウォルフ
  • Germanyドイツ
  • After graduating High School and completing civilian service, Michael Wolf worked in several media-related fields. In Kassel, Germany he was employed as an editor and assistant for news, reportages, and documentaries. He went on to work for several Munich production companies in the fields of story development, pre-production, editing, and sound-mixing. Since October 2002, he has been enrolled at the University of Television and Film Munich. His films demonstrate his taste for the eerie and absurd.

Reiko Yokosuka

  • Reiko Yokosuka横須賀令子
  • Japan日本
  • Born in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture.
    She started create a black and white brush animation for her graduation work and still producing the art works. Her works screened numerous film festival around the world. Lives in Sapporo.

F-C Directors

Film Makers C Directors


Terry O' Leary

  • Terry O' Learyテリー・オリアリー
  • Netherlandsオランダ
  • Terry O'Leary is an Irish writer and director of 5 short films, and the producer of several more. His work has been featured at over 100 festivals around the world, and has won numerous awards.
    Terry is an Irish filmmaker. He believes in strong visual storytelling. And some of his films are made with the intention of the audience adding their own interpretation to what they are viewing.

Natalia Kuzmina

  • Natalia Kuzminaナタリー・クジミナ
  • Russiaロシア
  • Natalia was born in 1975 in Lvov, Ukraine, and since 1992 has lived in Voronezh, Russia. She has worked as a camera operator, a news journalist, and a director at a local tv-station. From 2004-2005 she studied at the Independent School of Cinema and Television (Internews, Moscow).
    She has directed several short films, and worked as an assistant director on a number of feature length film and television productions.


  • Japan日本
  • Since 1999 started as CG production house.
    They are highly praised by their original 3DCG into 2D cell animation technique. Directed many commercial spot, PV and movie production.