The SSF Market consists of the video library, viewing booths, a filmmakers database, the business space including a meeting area, projector and screen, sound system, wireless internet, a press corner for interviews, and a cafe serving complimentary drinks. The market also has bilingual staff and volunteers on-hand to help with communication and interpretation. In 2009 we launched new content market system called Spotrights. The sytetm is dedicated to creat bussnss to busyness matching opportunities for filmmakers, distributors and content buyers in the Japanese market.

Wednesday 12th September 11:00~17:00
Thursday 13th September 11:00~17:00
Friday 14th September 11:00~18:30
Saturday 15th September 11:00~13:00
Sunday16th September 11:00~15:00
Wednesday 12th September 13:00~16:30
Thursday 13th September 13:00~16:30
Buyers presentation
Sunday16th September 11:00~12:30

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Event Space Edit
B1F Minami2 Nishi6 Bldg., South 2, West 6, Chuo-ku, Sapporo