Etude, Solo
A piano tuner happens to go to a children's outdoor concert for business.There, he meets his first lover who he played the piano together with in his childhood.
  • YOO Dae-eol
  • Korea(south) | 2011 | 18:47
  • Drama


In The Name Of Opium
Afghanistan is depicted as a "Narcostate". Far from dealing with the clich's of the media, this film draws emotional moments of tragedies and brutal normality that lie buried under the headlines: drug dealers getting killed, corrupt policemen losing their wife and kid, an addict selling his daughter in order to go on with his escapism. The heartbeat of people in the heat and in the shadow, more or less unintentionally involved in a vicious circle.
  • Sayed Jalal Hussaini
  • Afghanistan | 2011 | 10:00
  • Drama


First day of freedom after 10 years, an ex-convict returns back home to discover the memoirs of his mother.
  • Alvin Lee
  • Singapore | 2012 | 03:00
  • Drama


Her story
This animation describes a girl's story who was taken to Java island as a comfort woman. Chung Seo-woon, the real victim of World War, narrates her story with her real voice.
  • Jun-ki Kim
  • Korea(south) | 2011 | 11:00
  • Animation


Gwangong VS Alien
The aliens attack! “Mech Lei Feng ” against the alien invaders,but the Mech Lei Feng has fail, when the close call, He—The Emperor Gwan is return !
  • Leung Chung Man
  • China, hong kong | 2011 | 16:00
  • Drama


After Dark
Mu-shih, once a single mother, suffered from the loss of her blind little girl, who passed away three years ago. Working as a masseuse and living as a social outcast following the accident, she st...
  • John Hsu
  • Taiwan | 2011 | 21:00
  • Drama
  • Explicit
  • Student Director
  • Woman Director