• Lookout

    Timmy is a lookout in the military. As a diversion from her rountine work, she creates an imaginative world in her apart. When she has to deal with the reality, her world is undermined.

    Noa Gusakov

    Fiction | Israel | 2014 | 0:17:56

    Prize & Screenings:

    Promising Director Award: Tel-Aviv International Student film festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Best Student film by Student Jury Award: VGIK International Student Festival, Moscow, Russia
    Best Scriptwriting Award: Tbilisi International Student Film Festival "AMIRANI", Georgia

  • The Great Leader

    A puppet is being built in a factory which is destined to rule over a nation. However, a group of people have learned the truth and they want to change things.

    Fancisco Jimenez

    Fiction | Mexico | 2014 | 0:10:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    Newport Beach Film Festival
    China International New Media Short Film Festival Kingbonn Award
    Festival de Cine de Lima

  • The Chicken

    Selma gets a live chicken for her birthday. When she realises the chicken is going to be killed for a meal, she decides to let it free, unaware of the high stakes such action will lead to.

    Una Gunjak

    Fiction | Germany | 2014 | 0:15:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2015: One Title Section Grand Prix & Sapporo Peace Award & Best Children Actress, Iman Alibalić

    France ­ Cannes Film Festival Critics Week 2014
    United States ­ Palm Springs Film Festival 2014 (J​ury Award: 1st Place Live Action Short​)
    United Stated ­ Holly Shorts 2014 (​Best Director​)

  • Nation On Fire

    This documentary is unlike others concerning the Ukrainian Revolution. It's a rare and unique portrait of a nation in fear – of the days after the riots but before the storm.

    Stephan Bookas

    Documentary | Ukraine | 2014 | 0:15:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    Cannes Film Festival 2015, Short Film Corner, France
    Ugu Film Festival 2015, South Africa

  • The Canaries Know

    After 10 years of occupation, the agreement is signed. Tonight the country will be bombed. A Prishtina family call it a celebration, but soon everyone knows nothing will be the same again.

    Kaltrina Krasniqi

    Fiction | Kosovo | 2014 | 0:16:50

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2015: Best Original Score,Tomori Kuci, Arber Salihu&Genc Salihu

    Scepto International Film Festival April 2015// Italy
    Brussels Short Film Festival May 2015// Belgium
    LEDEN International Short Film Experience May 2015// Netherlands

  • The Race

    Humanity never satisfy and frantically rushes at top speed on a mad race. What if this headlong rush was not the fruit of our free will, but the result of mechanical forces ruling the universe?

    Michael Le Meur

    Animation | France | 2015 | 0:14:30

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2015: Best Non Dialogue

    Official competition Annecy, HD Festival

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