• Muybridge's Strings

    Muybridge's Strings observes the ties that cease to bind, fixes its gaze on the course of life, and presents a moment in time suspended on the crystalline notes of a canon by J.S. Bach.

    Koji Yamamura

    Animation , Experimental , Historical , Fantasy | Canada | 2011 | 0:13:39

  • The Chickening

    A unique and quite frankly bonkers digitally collaged take on Kubrick’s often remixed film The Shining.

    Nick DenBoer & Davy Force

    Canada 2015 / 05:10

  • La Voce

    Edgar works in a pig slaughterhouse. He loves opera and he loves Ginette, the stripper of his dreams. Edgar is about to ask her to marry him when he surprises her bedding her boss. In shock, he loses his voice and unfortunately finds himself with the voice of a pig.

    David Uloth

    Fiction ファンタジー | Canada | 2015 | 0:22:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2016: One Title Section Grand Prix / Best Director / Best Actor<Miro Lacasse>

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