• My Last Cigarette With...

    Dom has been tormented by addictions since he was a child. Namely: cigarettes and women. Despite the advice of his grandfather over time, he remains shackled by his obsessions.

    Kaz Cai

    Fiction, Experimental, Drama | China | 2012 | 0:05:00

  • Life Smartphone

    Staring at the Smartphone and focusing on screen all the time,people are gradually alienating themselves from the loveliness of life. This film, Life Smartphone, with its satirical and humorous …

    Cheng Lin Xie

    Animation , Horror , Fantasy | China | 2015 | 0:02:48

  • Besieged

    Items in deliver box will appear in the deliveryman’s room before its recipient opens it. Deliveryman applies a magical phenomenon to secure his own love in an extreme way.

    Siqi Pan

    Fiction | China | 2015 | 0:21:08

    Prize & Screenings:

    Special Committee Prize of Huairou International Youth Microfilm Festival, China

  • 1000 Cranes

    As long as he can remember, Jude has struggled to find his place in the world. Intent on locating his birth mother, he journeys to Hong Kong with a wish.

    Kaz Cai

    Fiction, Experimental, Drama, Tragedy | China, hong kong | 2013 | 0:15:00

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