• The Chicken of Wuzuh

    Wuzuh, a girl who has Down's syndrome, has a secret crush on her class teacher. One day, she finds out that her friend has the same hairpin as hers, which she once thought her teacher gave only t…

    Sung Bin Byun

    Fiction , Historical | Korea (south) | 2015 | 0:12:47

  • Dancing Cat

    One woman left her home urgently. And there is a weird cat doll in the empty house. One man come to that house.

    Young-keun MIN

    Fiction, Drama / Tragedy | Korea (south) | 2015 | 0:15:03


    'Way Home' is a story featuring a fly, a dung beetle, and a farmer. Through a tragic episode that is also filled with humor and brightness, I would like to give the viewers an opportunity to think about what thAnimation , Video Art | Korea (south) | 2008 | 0:08:50ey are chasing after and what is truly precious in life.

    Erick OH

    Animation , Video Art | Korea (south) | 2008 | 0:08:50

  • Best Director

    Moon Sori

    Fiction, Drama | Korea (south) | 2015 | 0:29:00

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