• The End Is The Beginning Is The End

    A poetic film documenting the protagonist's life after the death of a friend. Traveling from Sweden to Bulgaria, Pati vows to leave the past behind by the shores of the Black Sea.

    Kaz Cai

    Fiction, Drama, Tragedy | Sweden | 2016 | 0:05:05

  • Senses

    Helen Strand, 60, suddenly collapses while conducting a symphony orchestra. Gradually the sounds become duller, the world fuzzy, she loses her touch, smell and taste. As the outer world slowly disappears her inner images become more vivid. Helen fights for her life while death creeps ever closer.

    Zanyar Adami

    Fiction | Sweden | 2016 | 0:29:50

    Prize & Screenings:

    SAPPORO Short Fest 2016: Best Cinematography<Sophie Winqvist Loggins> / Best Actress<Lena Endre>

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