• complex × COMPLEX

    Of junior high school students that are longing to adult Yui, I was interested in Takeo that has grown the most armpit hair in the class.

    Miyuki Fukuda

    Animation, Comedy | Japan | 2015 | 0:24:36


    This is a story of an adolescent boy living in a burning house with his parents. He can't drink black coffee yet he refuses his mother's offer of sugar lump.

    Ryo Okawara

    Animation, Mockumentary | Japan | 2015 | 0:13:55

  • Moving Colors

    There is no story in this work. Please enjoy the "movement" "color" "music" and "personality".

    Tomoyoshi Joko

    Animation, Experimental, Video Art, Fantasy | Japan | 2016 | 0:05:04


    This experiment video work, I expressed the feeling like watching a dream.

    Reo Vivita

    Animation , Experimental, Video Art , Fantasy | Japan | 2015 | 0:06:01


    Numbers stations were prominently used during the Cold War. A boy was tuning the radio in the snow mountain and happened to tune the shortwave of codes.

    Ryotaro Miyajima

    Animation, Mix-Medias , Fantasy | Japan | 2016 | 0:03:09

  • Nandaka-mou

    a girl's death and dream

    Ai Sugaya

    Animation, Music Video | Japan | 2015 | 0:03:31

  • The Light at night in Summer

    On a summer night, high school student Mizusawa observes a light flying in the sky. He starts searching for the true nature of the light, but his search meets an unexpected conclusion.

    Kota Ishikawa

    Animation, Sci-Fi , Fantasy | Japan | 2015 | 0:15:54

  • New

    A lighthouse whale met a strange creature in the dark sea.
    It was a new creature that had never been seen before.

    Shouta Arima

    Animation , Fantasy , Romance | Japan | 2015 | 0:11:35

  • In the clock

    He is a clock work toy.

    Shizuka Abe

    Animation, Fantasy | Japan | 2015 | 0:09:19

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