• Revelation - the City of Haze

    Revelation trilogy two "journey" - original: Mao Qichao
    By the "nuclear flood" triggered by the Third World War to destroy the Earth's ecology, human unprecedented destruction, had to rely on robots to solve the survival problems faced by mankind. But soon half man half mechanized labor, robots began to replace the living people, protest and bursts of pressure come and go.

    Mao Qichao

    Animation, Sci-Fi | China | 2017 | 0:14:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Cortoons | 2017 | Spain | Award
    ・Animago | 2017 | Germany | Selection
    ・Breck Film Festival | 2017 | USA | Selection

  • FOOD

    An animated documentary features interviews with a variety of eaters, such as vegans and pescetarians. The conversation raises many issues about the environment and modern life.

    Siqi Song

    Documentary Video Art | China | 2014 | 0:03:32

  • Street Child

    Dummy is a lonely teenager living with his grandma in a small village. He watched the Peking Opera for the first time when travelling theaters come to his village, and Dummy was deeply attracted by a beautiful female role.

    Chang Yongliang

    Fiction, Dorama | China | 2016 | 0:24:24

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・JUST Film Festival | 2016 | China | Chinese Short Film Section

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