• Prey

    A small fish dreams of the beautiful world outside the fish tank. When she finally gets bigger and leaps out of the fish tank, the once beautiful world isn't what she expected.

    Boyoung Kim

    Animation Fantasy | Korea (South) | 2014 | 0:04:20

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Future Film Festival | 2015 | Italy
    ・Hong Kong International Mobile Film Festival | 2015 | China | Best Animation Bronze Award
    ・Krok Animation Festival | 2015 | Ukraine | Selected and will be screening on September 2015

  • Bread Barbershop

    The premium bakery in Seoul, breads and dessert decorate whip cream, sugar powder and a lot of topping on their head to be displayed on display stand. They try hard to get chosen from people.

    Jihwan JUNG

    Animation, Comedy | Korea (south) | 2016 | 0:04:56

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festaval | 2017 | South Korea

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