An Exploration to the North. Hokkaido, Japan. In 2018, I traveled around Hokkaido, following the footsteps of Takeshiro Matsuura, the godfather of Hokkaido, with a drone in one hand.

Hiroki Ito

Documentary, Music Video | Japan | 2018 | 0:07:25

Prize & Screenings

WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival(2018/US, Drone Production Award
European Cinematography AWARDS(2018/Holland) Best Drone Film

Ikigai: The Shin Biyajima Story

Shin Biyajima, a Japanese snowboarder, shares the intimate story of how he found his Ikigai (生きがい) or "reason for being" through a lifetime of adoration and exploration of his mountainous backyard of Nagano, Japan.

Justin Taylor Smith

Documentary, Sports | USA | 2018 | 0:15:34


The Tough carries a lot of meanings: defiant, vicious, resistant, relentless, strong, resilient, cold, hard. The film's protagonist had a reason to choose this name for his discovery - a place he has to face where he learns about all those characteristics tangibly and literally the hard way.

Marcin Polar

Documentary, Portlate | Poland | 2019 | 0:14:00

Glimpses of Ice

The film focuses on the combination of ice, light and time within Arctic landscapes. An Arctic Fairytale is a nature documentary film on the diversity and beauty of Northern Norway. The film is composed by nine individual time-lapse animated episodes.

Christian Uhlig

Documentary, Time Lapse | Norway | 2018 | 0:07:50

Prize & Screenings

Arte Non Stop Festival International Film & Art Festival - ANSFF 2018, Buones Aires, Argentina, Best Short Film Photography

A Gift of Wings: The Pilots of Sebring

This short documentary profiles the human side of Aerobatic pilots, the never ending chase to be the best pilot you can and the friends you make in the process.

Ted Snow

Documentary, Portlate | USA | 2018 | 0:08:30

Prize & Screenings

Jacksonville Film Festival, 2018, USA
Metro Film & TV Awards, 2018, USA, Award of Excellence 2018
Los Angeles CineFest, 2018, USA

Wonder Mountains 3

3000m-class mountains. There is a wonderful view that you can meet if you take a step.


Documentary, Video Art | Japan | 2019 | 0:05:43

Sistan & Balouchestan

Twenty thousand kilometers of our journey in a city that is within the reach of a country. Sistan and Baluchestan is a city in Iran that extends to the territory of Syria And it is a world of wonder.

Meysam Babaei

Documentary, Nature | Iran | 2018 | 0:05:00

Shinrin Yoku: The Art of Forest Bathing

Filmmakers Mike and Kati traveled to Japan to understand the modern science behind the ancient practice of Shirin Yoku (Forest Bathing). After all, could the answer really be as simple as taking a walk in the woods?

Mike Dewey, Kati Hetrick

Documentary, Nature | USA | 2019 | 0:18:34

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