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An ordinary hard-worker Ivan works on improving the city that will soon host the SUMMIT. One day he finds out that the city authorities decided to clean up the streets from stray dogs. Ivan makes a decision to help his four-footed friends.

Ivan Sosnin

Fiction | Drama | Russia | 2020 | 0:21:03

The Goodwill that Tamed the Sea

Elena Andreeva has an aunt whose life was saved by a Japanese doctor of war prisoners in Russia. Elena worked as an interviewer and shared the family memories about the past wars of six Japanese from Shimane prefecture and three Russian from Primorsky region and her thoughts about the current exchange between Japan and Russia.

Andreeva Elena, Aladin Aleksandr, Palazhuk Anton

Documentary | Historyl | Russia | 2020 | 0:27:34 | 日露地域交流年記念上映


Somewhere in Eastern Europe due to an accident in a laboratory, the hero gains superpowers that he does not want. The hero does not want to be a superhero, to save the world from villains, he wants to live as before without changing anything. The situation is complicated by the fact that while he gains the awareness of his power, it causes problems in his everyday life. While he is stuck in the elevator, he meets a girl who likes him and wants to help him.

Kirill Khachaturov

Animation | Fantasy | Russia | 2019 | 0:14:40 | Student Film

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