In this experiment, we used a mimoid sample from Solaris ocean and measured it’s reaction to several types of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. We probed the living system with customizable metamaterials and time-varying electromagnetic fields in a noninvasive live-cell imaging solution. Our findings show that the mimoid not only behaves as a tunable living system, but it also exhibits self-organizing behaviour while mimicking patterns of controlled electromagnetic fields. Our results illustrate mimoid’s extraterrestrial and unique ability to neutralize man-made radiation effects. (Demonstrates the most recent research achievements of the Centre for Mimoid Studies (CMS), a group from the Giesean Institute of Solaristics)

Vladimir Todorovic

Animation, Experimental | Australia | 2020 | 0:06:40


The Australian wildfires of 2019-2020 lasted over 6 months, scorching 24 million hectares of land, killing 3 billion animals and changing Australia’s biodiversity forever. With the sheer scale of this disaster impossible to depict in a single frame, photographer Matt Abbott battles the flames to document Australia’s biggest ecological disaster on record. Behind the front line of the fires Matt’s journey leads us to exhausted firefighters defending their towns, victims returning to decimated homes, and animal sanctuaries swamped by new arrivals. Black Summer offers a rare behind the scenes glimpse into photojournalism which would later become iconic earning Pulitzer & World Press Photo nominations. The imagery ignited a fierce global debate about the impact of climate change in the present, positioning Australia’s unprecedented summer as a cautionary tale to the rest of the world.

Chris Phillips

Documentary, Portrait | Australia | 2021 | 0:17:07

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