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Festival Update

SSF2011 Official Selection


SAPPORO Short Fest Committee announces SSF2011 Official Selection Competition Shortlist.
The Festival’s selecting committee selected 4 filmmakers for Filmmakers’ Section and 47 films for International and Family & Children programme and 11 films for Japan National Programme from One Title Section.
And we would like to express our appreciation for all the submissions. The festival office also proudly announces “Selecting Committee’s Festival Favorites”. All the film gave us great pleasure and difficult time to select. It serves as recommended list for short film market as well.
International Competition
Filmmakers’ Sction: 4 filmmakers
One Title Section: 58 Films
International Programme A to F : 35 Films + Family & children : 12 Films
National Programme A & B: 11 Films
Hokkaido Competition
Hokkaido Selection: 4 Films
Out of Competition
Japan Off Theater:43 Films
SSF2011 Official Selection Shortlist PDF
SSF2011 Selecting Committee’s Festival Favorites PDF