Thank You World

Lyrics: toto

I always wanted to embrace
The clouds that pass by, the mountains, my own small shadow

Deep within a round eye, the circle of earth appears
Carried by the wind, becoming a dot, a piece of the sky

I am a small bird
In my apartment of branches
I dream of a spinning clock
A gust of smiles on a sleepy island
Koo koo shimmer shimmer tick tock, tick tock
It was always singing of light

Until a color never seen before covered this earth

Light, glow, where, where?

Sadness morphs into weight
The clock is still
When tears overflow I look up at the sky
I stopped so many times and looked up

The raining fragments
Clouds carry them, drips and drops of unknown smiles
Slowly I spread my wings
Someone was waving to me

I listen
I listen

The sound of one embracing another

I hold their hand
I will not let go of the light, even in darkness
Music will spill even from a broken string

I will go to see
I will go and see

Our world that is beginning to sing