Sol Friedman / Canada


An award-winning animator and filmmaker based in Toronto. His short films have played at many international film festivals include: TIFF, Festival de Cannes, SXSW. Sol has been an invited participant in the Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, the TIFF Talent Lab, the TIFF Pitch This competition, and a panel speaker at a variety of film festivals at home and abroad.

Junko’s Shamisen

After discovering her blind grandfather murdered, a young Japanese peasant, and her mystical friend, exact gruesome poetic justice on the malevolent samurai lord responsible.

Fiction | Canada | 2010 | 0:10:25

Love Songs from an Android

A helper robot flees from the heartache of unrequited love.

Fiction | Canada | 2012 | 0:11:00

Beasts in the Real World

Life on the Food-chain can be dangerous.

Experimental | Canada | 2013 | 0:08:04

Day 40

To rid the world of Man's evil ways, God sets forth a terrible flood to smite all the wicked of the earth. After weeks at sea, the animals discover the darker side of their nature.

Animation | Canada | 2014 | 0:05:00

Ji-yeon Jung / Korea (South)


Born in Busan. She studied film directing at Korea National University of Arts. Her films were invited to many film festivals, such as ‘Blooming in spring’ to Berlin International Film Festival in 2009 and ‘The Boy’ to Clermont-Ferrand in 2014.

Blooming In Spring

One day, Yu-na confused her classmates by telling she smells an odor from her body. When she finally reject eating food, they start to bully her but the class president Seong-eun becomes interested in her.

Fiction | Korea(South) | 2008 | 0:20:00

The Boy

Every day on his way to work, a man steals a look at a boy living in the neighborhood. He can’t help gazing at the boy’s beautiful face.

Fiction | Korea(South) | 2013 | 0:12:30

A Birthday

Eun-sook, the elder sister of Jae-young and Chan-young, plans her birthday dinner at Jae-young's house. She intends it to be a good chance to recover relation between her brothers. But Chan-young is more perverse today.

Fiction | Korea(South) | 2013 | 0:25:00