David Nakabayashi

Creative Director

Creative Director of the ILM Art Department, has been with Industrial Light & Magic since 1989. In that time has worked on over 18 feature film projects including several Star Wars films, Artificial Intelligence, Tomorrowland and King Kong:Skull Island. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from Art Center and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Michael Arias

Director / Visual Creator

Michael Arias’ colorful filmmaking career began in Hollywood, where he worked on VFX-heavy films such as The Abyss and Total Recall, and eventually landed him in Tokyo, where he produced the Matrix spin-off The Animatrix and became the first foreign director of an anime feature, the award-winning Tekkonkinkreet. Michael has followed up with both live-action and anime features and, most recently, the series Tokyo Alien Bros., currently airing in Japan.

Royston Tan


Award-winning filmmaker, Royston Tan, is known for his distinctive knack for cinematic narrative, original directorial style and an innate ability to connect with his audience. Besides his extensive list of short films, Tan has been recognised for his feature films such as 15 (2003), 4:30 (2006), 881 (2007), 12 Lotus (2008) and 3688 (2015), collecting over 80 international and local film awards for his works. He was conferred ASEAN Director of the Year in 2001, and named Young Artist of the Year by Singapore National Arts Council the following year.