SSF News

SSF News

Filmmakers' Section Grand Prix
Reiko Yokosuka

One Title Section Grand Prix
VARMINTS / Marc Craste (UK)

Best Director
2 Birds / Rúnar Rúnarsson (Iceland)

Best National Short
The song of red forest / Akihito izuhara (Japan)

Best Hokkaido Short
cencoroll / Atsuya Uki (Japan)

Best Original Score
Varmints / Marc Craste (UK)
Composer: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Best Screen play
Paradise café / Alonso Ruizpalacios (Mexico)

Best Cinematography
The Fading Light / Thien Do (Vietnam)

Best Editing
Danse Macabre / Pedro Pires (Canada)

Best Actor
2 Birds / Runar Runarsson (Iceland)
Actor: Atli O´skar Fjalarsson

Best Actress
Premature / Rashaad Emesto Green (USA)
Actress: Zora Howard

Best Students Director
The 8th Samurai / Justin Ambrosino (USA)

Best Children Actor&Actress
Robin / Hanno Olderdissen , Ruben Fischer (Germany)
Children Actress: Mateo Wansing Lorrio

Best Children Short
LOST AND FOUND / Philip Hunt (UK)

Best Mini Short (Around 10min)
Muto / blu (Italy)

Best Very Short (Around 3min)
Atlantic / Conor Ferguson (Ireland)

Best Non Dialogue
Morana / Simon Bogojevic Narath (Croatia)

Best Animation
The song of red forest / Akihito izuhara (Japan)

Best Documentary
Passages / Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (Canada)

Best Production Design
NEXT FLOOR / Denis Vileneuve (Canada)

Best Contemporary / Experimental Short
Danse Macabre / Pedro Pires (Canada)

SAPPORO Short Fest Special Awards

SSF Environment Award
Round / Kirk Hendry (UK)

Children's Choice Award
GOLD Award: LOST AND FOUND / Philip Hunt (UK)

SILVER Award: Humming Bird / Paolo Zucca(Italy)
SILVER Award: JOSUE E O PE DE MACAXEIRA / Diogo Pereira Viegas(Brazil)

Sapporo Peace Award
THE SCARECROW GIRL / Cassio Pereira dos Santos (Brazil)

CRYPTON Best Sound Award

Audience Award
LOST AND FOUND / Philip Hunt(UK)


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