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Normal Tickets

Normal Tickets
Normal Tickets / 1 Program ¥1,000
Choose any program (but not including Award Premium or Award Ceremony).
Normal Tickets
Normal Ticket / 1Day Pass ¥4,000
Normal Tickets
Normal Ticket / All Night Pass¥3,000
9/15 Midnight (9/16 0:00-9:30)
Normal Tickets
Normal Ticket / Award Premium A or B¥1,200 (on sale from 9/17 20:00)
Screening of Award winning films, including Grand Prix winners.
Normal Tickets
Normal Ticket / Award Ceremony ¥1,500
Main Theater (TOHO Plaza) Award Ceremony and screening, attended by International filmmakers, Japanese filmmakers, Jury, VIP, etc. (Tanuki Koji 5 chome)
This ticket is different than the Award Premium Ticket.
Award ceremony is planned from 8 PM to 11:30 PM.
Lawson Ticket L-code 12104
Ticket Pia P-code 477-862 / Award Premium
533-129 / All other tickets
Also: Pivot Information Counter / TOHO Plaza / Theater KINO / 4 Chome Plaza / Other Play Guides


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