"portrait" is a slow and surreal video slideshow of nightmareish, grotesque and apparently static characters.

Donato Sansone
Experimental | Italy | 2014 | 0:02:51


    Suka is an old russian word that used to mean a bitch wolf. The story is about disability person who faces suka who is hiding under the victim's mask.

    Cyril Zima
    Fiction | Russia | 2013 | 0:06:25
      Prize & Screenings:
      Myrtle beach Film festival, USA – Best Foreign Film
      Big Island Film Festival, USA
      Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary

      Cruise Patrol

      On a long and dusty road a routine cruise patrol takes an unexpected turn and spirals totally out of control.

      Arjan van Meerten, Bobby de Groot
      Animation | Netherlands | 2013 | 0:07:25
        Prize & Screenings:
        Nominated for the Grand Prix of Dutch animation. Holland Animation Film Festival - 19-23 march Utrecht 2014
        Nominated for best short film. 17th Gay& Lesbian Film Festival, 13-23 march Amsterdam 2014
        Edinburgh International Film Festival 18-29 June 2014


        Renée is living with her husband in a small village. They are proud of their son who travels around the world as a doctor. But he hasn’t visited them for ages.

        Cyrus Neshvad
        Fiction | Luxembourg | 2013 | 0:12:00
          Prize & Screenings:
          « Best short » Film festival of Florida, USA 2014
          « Jury price » Festival des 24 courts ,FRANCE 2014
          « Best independant fiction » Besancourt, FRANCE 2014

          Francois’ first day

          Today is François’s first day as an employee in the Town Hall. Well, he is rather clumsy. A few minutes are enough for him to turn the peaceful institution into a mess.

          Rose Philippon, Alice Philippon
          Fiction | France | 2013 | 0:11:55
            Prize & Screenings:
            Festival International du Film pour Enfants de Montréal – FIFEM (Canada)
            International Women's Film Festival KIN (Armenia)
            Eastern Oregon Film Festival (USA)

            Far West - A True Western

            Maverick is a vulture that right after he was born, his family fell victims to violence. In the adult life, he becomes a leader of a criminal gang, spreading terror where he goes.

            Wesley Rodrigues
            Animation | Brazil | 2013 | 0:18:25
              Prize & Screenings:
              Best Brazilian Short Movie at the 21st Anima Mundi 2013.
              Best Animation Movie at the 45st Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro 2013.
              Best Brazilian Short Movie at ANIMAGE 2013.

              I can't live without a dream

              Pak-kiu is a electrician who believes that he will rise above the sordid realities of the glamorous world of filmmaking. He want to be a proper actor rather than a star.

              Kin Long Chan
              Fiction | China, Hong Kong | 2013 | 0:30:00
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