Nobuhiko Obayashi


Since his young age, he was playing with kinematoscope which leads him to study film by himself. His 8mm and 16mm independently produced films were well-received in the art world and he started his career as “film artist”. In 1977, he shot a film “HOUSE”, which became the first major film directed by indie artist at Toho Studio, and it brought a revolution in Japanese film industry. Later on, as a FURUSATO(hometown) filmmaker, he is trying to tell old culture and ambition in Japan through films. Under the thesis that “The films are jounalism that will never fade with time.”, he and his family continues filmmaking. He is also training young creators. Received Medal with Purple Ribbon and The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.

Takayuki Suzui

Hokkaido, Japan

During his time at university, he entered the theatrical world and organized the theatrical company “OOPARTS” in 1990. After broke up of the company, he has worked as a TV personality and writer for many programs including “How do you like Wednesday?” on Hokkaido Television Broadcasting (HTB). From 2001, he started his career as a film director and has directed 4 films. Also working as a writer and his activities ranged over various areas.

Diane Pernet

ASVOFF Founder, Director

Along with pioneering the advent of fashion blogging via her blog ‘A Shaded View on Fashion’ (ASVOF), celebrated fashion writer Diane Pernet is also credited with spearheading the fashion film genre, providing a new interactive medium through which artists, photographers and designers can collaborate on creative projects. Along with founding A Shaded View Film Festival (ASVOFF) – an international travelling showcase holding competitions for short films within the fashion, style and beauty genres – Pernet has also curated film projects such as CineOpera, a series of films by the composer/director Michael Nyman.
Pernet’s first festival, entitled ‘You Wear it Well’ debuted in Los Angeles at CineSpace in 2006, laying the foundations for the ASVOFF in 2008, with the festival’s first edition launched in September in the Jeu de Paume national museum in Paris and since 2009 it has screened at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The festival showcases a short film competition, feature films, documentaries, conferences, performances and installations.
The multi-talented creative holds a degree in filmmaking and communications from Temple University. In 2008 ASVOFF was launched at Jeu de Paume and since 2009 to present it is screened annually at Centre Pompidou. A Shaded View Film Festival 8 will be held Dec 2 -6 at Centre Pompidou.

Wilson J.Tang

Kabam Vancouver
Co-Founder/Studio Art Director

Wilson J. Tang is one of the founding partners of KABAM Vancouver, the world leader in next-gen mobile video games. He is responsible for all aspects of Artistic and Visual Direction as well as User Experience for such hit games as MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS - directly contributing to the over 100 million downloads globally and the games reaching top 10 grossing on Apple's App Store.
Prior to KABAM, Wilson oversaw the Artistic Direction of one of ELECTRONIC ART's biggest IP, as well as the Creative Development of original IP's.
Between 1999-2006, Wilson worked as Visual Effects Art Director at George Lucas's INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC (ILM) where his projects include STAR WARS EPISODE 2, LEMONY SNICKETT, Kubrick & Spielberg's A.I.:ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, and Ang Lee's THE HULK. While at ILM, Wilson received a patent for the pioneering use of real-time game engines for the previsualization of virtual environments.
Wilson was one of the original founders of The Embassy VFX in Vancouver, the studio responsible for films such as DISTRICT 9 and IRONMAN.
Besides his entertainment projects, Wilson has continued to work as Design Consultant for a diverse range of clients including AISIN, DELL and NIKE Inc. Wilson has led studios on UX Design at Emily Carr School of Design, and has been on the board of advisers for a pioneering startup incubator in Japan called INTERCROSS CREATIVE CENTER ( since its inception in 2001.

Ji-Seung Lee

Korea (South)
Director, Producer

The director, LEE Ji-seung was born in Seoul, Korea in 1969. He went to Hanyang University majored in Film directing and received an MA in Cinema Studies from New York University. After graduation, he worked as a film producer in New York THE CUT RUNS DEEP and TOO TIRED TO DIE. In Korea he worked for 10 commercial feature films as a Producer and an Executive Producer including HAEUNDAE, one of the biggest commercial successes in Korean film history. Besides he worked as an associate producer for Korean master IM Kwon-taek’s CHUNHYANG and CHIHWASEON. CHUNHYANG was selected in competition at Cannes film festival in 2000 and CHIHWASEON received the Best Director Award in Cannes 2002. He made his directorial debut with AZOOMA which was invited to the renowned film festivals including Moscow International Film Festival and Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. His second feature NO TOMORROW had its world premiere at Montreal World Film Festival. He is currently a professor at Korean Academy of Film Arts.