Alexander calls a number he knows really well.

    Erwan Alépée

    Fiction, Comedy | France | 2017 | 0:02:44


    Everything’s different but nothing has changed. A trip through a sunken maze of memories and dreams.


    Animation, Music Video | France, Netherlands | 2018 | 0:14:23


    My dad taught me how to pack.

    Max Porter, Kahoru Kuwahata

    Animation | France | 2017 | 0:05:30


    The disappointments of a short-sighted and harmless hunter who took with him by mistake a rabbit instead of his dog to go hunting in the forest. No animal has been injured...

    Alexey Alekseev

    Animation, Comedy | France | 2017 | 0:05:36


    The creation focuses on an unstructured languages between the two entities. They interact through signals, body and spoken language with their different intelligences. Existence presumes being in the reality and/or being alive. The human and the robot try to define new perspectives of coexistence.

    Justine Emard

    Experimental, Choreography | France, Russia | 2017 | 0:12:37


    The Death' son doesn't want to take back the family business. He has the secret dream to become a guardian angel, this will trigger a succession of collapses. His dad will have to get him out of this mess.

    Vincent Paronnaud, Denis Walgenwitz

    Animation, Comedy | France | 2017 | 0:13:07


    Oscar Mongoût, a gourmet cannibal, burns with love for the neighbor in his building, the very vegetal Miss Carrot. This passion seems destined to fail: she is a vegetarian, while he suffers from a total phobia about vegetables. Things take a drastic turn the evening she invites him to dinner.

    Axel Courtière

    Fiction, Comedy | France | 2017 | 0:15:00


    “Erebeta” drives us on a vertical jump above the city. We rebound on the pavement, twirl around the buildings and pass through streets. This bouncing point of view on modern Japan is accompanied by the traditionnal Kuroda Bushi music.

    François Vogel

    Animation, Music Video | France | 2018 | 0:03:40


    In Brignogan-Plages, Zoé (30), works with her father, Guy, at his bar "Les Bigorneaux". Since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out by taking everything into her own hands. One morning, Zoé starts suffering from dizziness and nausea, which begins to disrupt her daily life.

    Alice Vial

    Fiction, Drama | France | 2017 | 0:24:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    10th Festival Court Partie(s) de Campagne in Ouroux en Morvan, France, Audience Award
    23rd Festival Jean Carmet, 2017, France, Jury Award Best Actress & Audience Award Best Actress & Young Audience Award
    13th Festival Paris Courts Devant, 2017, France, Jury Award; Actress Special Mention


    Marisa is a widow who lives alone in a small countryside village, with her dog: Tico. One day, she receives the unexpected visit of Hiroshi, a Japanese gentleman who claims to be friends with her son. Despite the absence of a common language, they make efforts to communicate with each other.

    Pedro Collantes

    Fiction, Drama | France | 2018 | 0:25:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    Clermont Ferrand Short FilmFest, 2018, France, Special Mention of the Jury


    In a futuristic Paris, S.A.M., a garbage collector robot, goes after a plastic bag. Ignoring all danger, he will cross Paris to maintain cleanliness in the city.

    Alexandre BOESCH-BRASSENS, Jonathan BREUER, Julie MANSUY , Nicolas OCIPSKI, Paul GAULIER, Samuel RAMAMISOA, Sylvain MASSON, William RIMA

    Fiction, Comedy | France | 2017 | 0:03:25


    During the USSR space race, Macha and Vassily work secretly on a special project...

    Benjamin BERNON, Clémentine COURBIN, Matthieu GUEVEL, Anthony REGE, Jérôme VANBENEDEN

    Animation, Comedy | France | 2017 | 0:05:21

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