From the tears of his unanswered love and a pile of uneaten pizza a monster rises, for Leon to take care of, for better or worse...

    Kurt Platvoet

    Fiction, Fantasy | Netherlands | 2017 | 0:11:00

  • Mécanique

    The adventures of a tiny Digger and her friend the Bulldozer. Forced to work on an island ruled by a tyrannical crane, the two friends will do anything to escape.

    Baurens Julia

    Animation,Sci-Fi | France | 2017 | 0:06:38


    Neo-Berlin, 2079. A dark city held by mega corporations where the only way to enjoy life is by connecting into cyberspace. Here a team of detectives are investigating a new menace: an army of cyber octopuses that are terrorizing the government.

    Nicola Piovesan

    Fiction, Sci-Fi | Estonia | 2017 | 0:19:40


    A writer in the middle of her creative process, receives a series of anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content. This mysterious intrusion into her life ignites a war between her anxiety and the work she is struggling to create.

    Mendez Giner Alex

    Fiction,Fantasy | USA,Mexico | 2017 | 0:08:43


    Donny the Drone has just been named the “Person of the Year” by World Times magazine. Donny takes the stage to dramatically tell his story of how he came to have real human emotions. His anecdotes are portrayed with highlights from his world-spanning adventures that have shaped who he has become.

    Mackenzie Sheppard

    Fiction, Sci-Fi | Japan, USA | 2017 | 0:11:27


    "Another World" addresses concerns about environmental problems and the simultaneous technologization. What influence does technological progress have on our world? Individual scenes show possible scenarios and give viewers food for thought.

    Frisardi Florinda

    Experimental,Sci-Fi | Germany | 2017 | 0:04:09


    On a mission to Mars, Dave discovers he’s being teamed up with a sentient melon who outshines him in intelligence and charm. Not only a brilliant strategist but also the reincarnation of a fashion designer, the melon encroaches on Dave’s jurisdiction, driving him to the brink of paranoia and insanity.

    Kevin Van Der Meiren, David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas

    Animation, Sci-Fi | USA | 2017 | 0:12:20

    Prize & Screenings:

    Sundance International Film Festival, 2017, USA, Shorts Competition

    La Roche Sur Yon International Film Festival, 2017, France, Shorts Competition

    Fancine 2017, Spain, Winner: Best Animated Short Film

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