• trainsurfer

    Train, the main artery of Japan suffering poverty. This is story of young people train surfing to seek for a speed and thrill.

    Hiroyuki Nakao

    Animation | Japan | 2006 | 0:05:12

  • Zero

    Tanaka who is a new salesman at this company, his task set for everyday is to acquire one contract. He is taking a chance on random logistics specialist at the last 15minutes!

    Hiroyuki Nakao

    Fiction, Comedy | Japan | 2004 | 0:16:09

  • The Secret Show

    Hotta the messenger arrives a hotel room as he received a request from a mistress of Tajima the host of TV show "The Secret Show". Hotta is requested to deliver "something" by broadcast of the live show to Tajima. Hotta faces a lots of difficulties as he runs like a wind. The real "The Secret Show" has just started...

    Hiroyuki Nakao

    Fiction | Comedy | Japan | 2005 | 0:21:28

  • Take 8

    Takao is an independent filmmaker who is making a film about a wedding at a wedding venue with his girlfriend Akane playing a bride. Come there to the Father of Akane is to visit …

    Shinichiro Ueda

    Fiction, Comedy | Japan | 2015 | 0:19:36

    Prize & Screenings:

    「SKIPシティ国際Dシネマ映画祭」短編部門 奨励賞

  • Confession Ranking of Girlfriend

    There were 17 secrets that she had to confess to him.

    Shinichiro Ueda

    Fiction, Comedy | Japan | 2014 | 0:21:04

    Prize & Screenings:

    「第10回 TOKYO月イチ映画祭」グランプリ
    「福岡インディペンデント映画祭2014」コメディ賞 受賞
    「SSFF&ASIA 2014」オフィシャルコンペノミネート・上映

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