A Man in a building. In the search for room 990 for his job interview as a gatekeeper he finds himself struggling. No matter how hard he tries the building leads his way. A quest that will prove him a worthy candidate as gatekeeper.

    Mirko Hans

    Fiction | Germany | 2018 | 0:08:42


    A short film dealing with the energy generated through human confrontations with walls. The urge for freedom and fulfillment is just as human as the urge to build walls for everyday order. Three individuals in different countries are struggling under this tension - and finally decide to go all in.

    Maik Schuster, Fatmir Dolci, Max Paschke

    Music video | Germany | 2017 | 0:07:00


    Jiro, a little boy, feels sick. His father takes him to the doctor's. She diagnoses a harmless condition. But it shakes the core of the boy's identity.

    Jon Frickey

    Animation | Germany, Japan | 2018 | 0:11:09

    Prize & Screenings:

    Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), 2018, International Competition, Award: Grand Prix
    Berlin Int’l Film Festival, 2018, Competition Section „Generation“
    Dresden Int’l Short Film Festival, 2018, International Competition, 2 awards: arte Short Film Award, Golden Horseman for Gender Diversity


    The feeding habits of the common cameleon as never seen before.

    Tomer Eshed

    Animation | Germany | 2016 | 0:03:32

  • UGLY

    An ugly cat struggles to coexist in a fragmented and broken world, eventually finding a soulmate in a mystical chief. A broken simulated short film about kindness, respect and coexistence. Inspired by the internet story ‘Ugly the Cat’.

    Nikita Diakur

    Animation, Fantasy | Germany | 2017 | 0:11:54

    Prize & Screenings:

    Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival, Audience Award

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