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Special Programmes

Out of Competiton and the programmes form selected film festivals.

In Midnight Programme, we aimed for a new approach in selecting films for adults, featuring 2 documentaries and 2 fictions. Kinbaku is a documentary about Kinbaku-shi, tying artists, and Dirty Martini portrays the Burlesque depicting New York's underground. Saam Farahmand presents sexy and rather lewd, Study After Cruel Intentions, and Fencer by a Latvian director, Astra Zoldnere, in which a married woman's dull life gets enlivened by her sexual escapades.


Total Time 1:29:45 タイムテーブル
Data Time Place
2010.10.08(Fri) 22:00〜23:30 Sapporo Toho Plaza


0:29:00 / Documentary

Mr. Jouni Hokkanen / Finland / 2009

The sacred quality of the tying exists in Japanese bondage arts. An erotic, spiritual, artistic connection between those who are doing it.


The Fencer

0:16:01 / Fiction

Ms. Astra Zoldnere / Latvia / 2009

A young married housewife’s dull routine is enlivened as she spies on the sexual escapades of her fencing instructor neighbour.


Study After Cruel Intentions

0:20:44 / Fiction

Mr. Saam Farahmand / United kingdom /2009

A story of five enchanting women on a disorientating and humorous journey at the end of a long, lost evening.。



0:24:00 / Documentary

Mr. Iban Del Campo / Spain / 2009

Burlesque is the new punk, says Dirty Martini, revealing some secrets of his art in night clubs and cabarets in New York’s Off-Off Broadway.

A selection of films by local directors in Hokkaido.


Total Time 0:41:09 タイムテーブル
Date Time Place
2010.10.11(Mon/National Holyday) 12:00〜13:30 White Rock Theater

Yotsuya Alpha beta

0:06:20 / Animation

Ms. Nana Anzai / Japan / 2010

A girl gets dragged out of bed on a surreal journey in Yotsuya where she lives. The story is told alphabetically in the traditional storytelling.



0:04:10 / Animation

Mr. Katsutoshi Kawabe / Japan / 2010

A family gets a package from their father from abroad containing mysterious medicine, which they are told not to take.


Across the Milky Way

0:30:00 / Fiction

Mr. Yuki Yoshii / Japan / 2010

A girl with disabled legs meets a boy, whose magic enables her to walk only when she holds hands with him at night.



0:05:23 / Fiction

Toshinori Watanabe/ Japan / 2009

A music video filmed in Otaru, with the singer's tender voice and emotional melody.


God's Bench

0:12:23 / Fiction

Mr. Mizuki Abe / Japan / 2010

An old man regularly watches a boys’ baseball team practicing in the field, and he passes them his wisdom.



0:10:00 / Fiction

Kyoshi Sugita / Japan / 2009

A woman meets an ex-lover, who had dissapeared from Otaru.


Precious Sunday

0:04:20 / Music Clip

Mr. Eiji Shimada / Japan / 2010

Once there was a time when we were together and talked about our future The sky was clear and blue. Wind blows and pass through me.


Mr. Bubblegum

0:13:16 / Fiction

Mr. Shoh Kataoka / Japan / 2009

A man is writing a suicide note in the park. A girl appears from behind, and tells him he should write it better.

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