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Family & Children Programme

57 selected works will be screened out of 2,595 submitted films in total for the competition. The films in the One Title Section were devided into 3 categories: International Programmes, National Programmes, and Family & Children Programmes. Out of the selected 57 works in the One Title Section, only one title will win the Grand Prix.
A selection of 9 national and international programmes for families and children.


Total Time 1:26:03 タイムテーブル
Date Time Place
Sat 09 Oct 2010 10:00-11:30 White Rock Theater
Mon 11 Oct 2010 10:00-11:30 White Rock Theater
学生監督作品 女性監督作品


0:06:24 / Animation, Fiction /

Ms. Verena Fels / Germany / 2010

A comical take on a cow, at the edge of society, which tips the balance of destiny of all on a mobile.

学生監督作品 女性監督作品


0:02:40 / Animation /

Ms. Melody Cisinski, Mr. Jacques Jarczyk, Mr. Vincent Garcia, Ms. Floriane Marchix, Ms. Gwenole Oul'chen / France / 2009

An irresponsible guard in charge of an unruly Maya child prince has his hands full as he encounters an unexpected danger.

学生監督作品 女性監督作品


0:14:50 / Animation /

Ms. Anne Walther / Germany / 2009

Stoneflies cannot fly. But a little stonefly, Ferdi, has a wish and goes on a journey to learn how to fly.



0:03:10 / Animation /

Mr. Jacob Frey / Germany / 2009

A hamster is chasing his love around the globe. Will he get her in the end?



0:04:17 / Animation /

Ms. Pei-Chaun Huang, Mr. Chin Lin / Taiwan / 2009

'Fat Tiger', a very fat cat, has always envied children playing hopscotch outside his window. One day he saw his shadow.



0:13:30 / Animation /

Mr. Alex Cervantes / Spain / 2009

Music, poetry and colour fuse together to make alive a story of a young princess, inspired by Rubén Dario's poem.


The Winter Story

0:06:43 / Animation /

Mr. Ohrys Bird / Japan / 2010

A man lives in a bustling city. People misunderstand his gentleness until one morning when the city is covered with snow.

学生監督作品 女性監督作品


0:07:31 / Animation, Fiction /

Mr. Adrien Flanquart, Mr. Emeric Malvat, Ms. Kamelia Chabane, Mr. Benjamin Tussiot / France / 2009

In a dry village, people try to produce water out of clouds with machines and they are eager to find some clouds.


The Gruffalo

0:26:58 / Animation, Fiction /

Mr. Jakob Schuh, Mr. Max Lang / United Kingdom / 2009

Based on a story by Julia Donaldson. A mouse strolls through the woods and he meets three predators.

Explicit Student Director Woman Director Eco Film