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Program Explanation

Program Explanation For Sapporo Short Fest 2008.

International Competition (13 Programs-113 Films)

Filmmakers’ Section (3 Programs:8 Directors:33 Films)
Filmmakers' Program
Filmmakers' Program

3~6 Films from each Director, totaling up-to 45 minutes running time is the focus of this section. Each selection of titles from each director is similar to a musical artist’s performance, and each filmmaker is judged on their works as a whole. The Sapporo Short Fest is a unique festival in this way. No other festival in the world focuses on the short film director in such a way. This year, 7 directors from abroad and 1 Japanese directors have been chosen. They will be competing for the Filmmakers Grand Prix.

Competition Section (10 Programs:80 Films)
International Programs (6 Programs:55 Films)
International Programs

It aims at the grand prix in six programs in total from I-A to I-F.

Program:I-A Program:I-B
Program:I-C Program:I-D
Program:I-E Program:I-F
Children's Program (2 Programs:11 Films)
Children's Program

They are two program 14 works that the adult and the child can enjoy in all families.

National Programs (2 Programs:14 Films)
National Programs

It is a program that collects domestic works.

Special Programs

Special Programs

A special program is a program that differs from competition, and collects no target works of the invitation for each prize. Chiefly, the programmed thing of each country is abundant, and, up to now, California, Australia, the Korean music clip, and the Asian typhoon have been screened this year. Moreover, new screening schedule of Germany program and UK program as special program.