The Devil's Ballroom

Along his strenuous journey to the North Pole, a chance encounter forces a fearless explorer to make an impossible decision.

Henrik Martin K. Dahlsbakken
Fiction | Norway | 2012 | 0:15:00

    Only Child

    “Only Child” is a five-minute experimental film about the internal challenge of a Chinese toy painter as she is swept into a moment of artistic inspiration.

    Christian Gossett
    Fiction | USA | 2012 | 0:06:00

      The Mud

      A grieving young couple suffer each other’s company in a stale seaside home. One night, a feral mud-creature appears in their kitchen. Upon washing her, they discover a malleable innocent, fit to become a lady! Maybe.

      Brooke Bundy , Kira Pearson
      Fiction | USA | 2012 | 0:17:00


        An elderly couple keep the spark in their marriage with their mischievous games, but this time they might take it one step too far.

        Rupert Reid
        Fiction | Australia | 2012 | 0:04:00

          Bear Me

          A young woman’s object of love, and other desires, is a surprisingly strange choice in her seemingly otherwise quite normal world.

          Katarzyana Wilk
          Fiction | Germany | 2012 | 0:06:00


            Alex has always known he was adopted, but now an unexpected discovery stirs his desire to uncover even more. The most important woman he's never met... his birth mother.

            Anthony Bushman
            Fiction | USA | 2012 | 0:18:00

              The Boy In the Bubble

              Turning to a book of magic, heartbroken 10-year-old Rubert invokes a spell to shield him from emotion forever. Narrated by Alan Rickman.

              Kealan O'Rourke
              Fiction | Ireland | 2012 | 0:08:00

                Friend Request Pending

                A short comedy drama about the mature generation dating in our modern social networking world. It's a tale of love but more importantly life long friendship.

                Chris Foggin
                Fiction | UK | 2012 | 0:12:00



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