An old man wakes up to a morning full of sunshine and hope, which slowly disappears.

Mette Mikkelsen, Bargmann Andreas Feldfos
Fiction | Denmark | 2012 | 0:03:08

Best University Film, One Voice Film Festival 2013 (UK)
Grand prize award, Aarhus Short Film Challenge 2012 (DK)

  • Student Director

Because of Mum

"Because of Mum" is a poetic animated reflection about memories, childhood and upbringing. A girl's message to her Mother.

Antoaneta Chetrafilova
Animation | Bulgaria | 2012 | 0:12:17

Best Director and Best Debut at the Bulgarian Film Academy Awards, 2013
Best Animation and Best Short Film at Phoenix Comicon Film Festival in USA, 2013;

    The Equation of Love

    Cecilia 3rd grade class. Final exams. IAN, who wonders about dating NINA (who wonders about several other things except dating IAN), dreams about his beloved and gets confused in the solution of his test that can seal his destiny. das Flores school. 9:15 AM.

    Fabio Allon
    Fiction | Brazil | 2012 | 0:20:20

    Award of Excellence at The Indie Fest, USA, 2013.
    Official Selection at Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu, CHILE, 2013.

    • Mature

    A Tempo "The 3rd Act"

    Dreams can only be fulfilled when you let go of reality as Nadia (age 20) did leaving her town to chase a secret dream that her parents living in the village consider a taboo. She enters in a surreal musical journey to see her passageway in three different musical Acts.

    Karim Maria Abdel
    Fiction | Lebanon | 2012 | 0:13:38

    official selection in the 9th Dubai International Film Festival in Dubai, UAE
    official selection in the ECU European Independent Film Festival in the special Arab Section and it WON, “the ahmed Khoder Award for Excellency in Arab Filmmaking, in Paris, France

    • Student Director

    Eskimoe Kiss

    Isa experience the worst thing a parent can experience, her son has a severe head injury and is in a come, none knows if he will live or die.

    Carin Brack
    Fiction | Sweden | 2012 | 0:13:16

    The Grand Prix from the jury, and the audience award at Cinema perpetuum mobile, Minsk, Belarus, january 2013.
    Best script at Pixel film festival, Ystad, sweden, april 2013.


      A Hollywood actor isolates himself in a hotel room for six weeks to prepare to play the role of a psychopathic comic book villain.

      Tyron Janse van Vuuren
      Fiction | South africa | 2013 | 0:27:57



          Student Director



        What if we could escape our daily routine for a moment ?

        Steven Briand
        Experimental | France | 2012 | 0:04:24

          Voice Over

          The French voice of an old man jumps from one extreme scene to another, confused by the story which he is trying to tell us. Until he finally is aware of it…

          Martin Rosete
          Fiction| Spain | 2012 | 0:09:40

            Lisboa Orchestra

            Lisboa Orchestra is a musical ballad into the city of the seven hills. Over the urban rythms of the day, an original and hypnotic music is being composed from visual and sound samples collected through the portuguese capital with the beat of the city serving as a metronome.

            Guillaume Delaperriere
            Documentary | France | 2012 | 0:12:00

            International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand, France, National Competition
            Go Short International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen, The Netherlands - Go Short Youth Award

              The Theft

              A woman has committed a robbery or maybe she has not. An old woman has committed a thievery and maybe she has not ... life is full of judgments.

              Mohammad Farahani
              Fiction | Iran | 2013 | 0:05:40

              Porto 7 – Portugal - Special Jury Prize
              Strawberry – Cambridge - Audience Award

                Letters from Pyongyang

                When the letters from a North Korean relative stop coming, a father and son embark on an urgent quest into the heart of North Korea in search of long lost family members separated for more than a half-century.

                Jason Lee
                Documentary| Canada | 2012 | 0:27:28

                BEST DOCUMENTARY GRAND JURY PRIZE – 2013 Palm Springs International ShortFest, Palm Springs, California
                GOLDEN AWARD GRAND JURY PRIZE FOR SHORT FILM – 2013 Aljazeera International


                  Vanya is an orphan. He has an alarm clock. He hopes that when his mother will come, she will recognize him by an alarm. But boys from the orphanage have decided to play a cruel joke with Vanya...

                  Oksana Artemenko
                  Fiction | Ukraine | 2012 | 0:10:06

                  Award of Best Actor - 8th Dieciminuti Film Festival (Italy), 2013
                  Best short film - Opera Prima en Corto (Spain), 2013

                    Death of a Shadow

                    Stuck in a limbo between life and death, Nathan Rijckx, a deceased World War I soldier has to collect shadows to regain a second chance at life and love.
                    With two shadows left to collect, he discovers something that shakes his world completely.

                    Tom Van Avermaet
                    Fiction| Belgium | 2012 | 0:20:00

                    Oscar & EFA Nomination, over 20 prizes and 60 festival screenings



                        Student Director

                      IMAGENATIVE WORLD

                      Lofty Thirs

                      In a dry world, water is key for survival. The water source is guarded so dearly by one species of desert-dwellers, who prevents others to benefit from it. Until one day, their certainty depletes..

                      Febrianto Pudi Utama
                      Animation | UK | 2012 | 0:03:00

                      Won the National Animation Award @ Twickenham Alive Film Festival 2013 United Kingdom
                      Nominated for Best Animation @ Screentest 2013, United Kingdom

                      • Student Director

                      Julie / Johny Guitar

                      At the end of the gig, sad stories of normal people are told.

                      Enrico Ciccu
                      Fiction | Italy | 2012 | 0:04:26

                        Uncle Wormsley's Christmas

                        Uncle Wormsley is an old man who dedicates his life to the care of his only friend, a giant crab called Crabsley who lives under his house.
                        One Christmas a rich father strikes a deal with the mysterious Crab Catchers to acquire a giant crab for his son and dark forces are unleashed.

                        David Shute
                        Animation | UK | 2012 | 0:29:58

                        UK TV, Sky Atlantic 24 December 2012
                        Athens International Film Festival


                          Reveal is the story of an obsession, An explicit tribute to the universe of "Blow Up", "The c onversation" and "Blow Out"

                          Ignacio Estaregui
                          Fiction | Spain | 2012 | 0:14:30

                          17 SCIFE - Semana del Cine y de la Imagen de Fuentes de Ebro (Spain) / Best short film, best edition, best BSO, best cinematography, best production

                            Happy Birthday

                            “Happy Birthday” is an outlook vision about the duel between the bible hero Jesus and a man-made robot. Does the robot manage to break the formed dogmas and convert the religion into his favour or will the status quo remain firm?

                            Riho Unt
                            Animation | Estonia | 2012 | 0:13:00

                              The Man who Could not Dream

                              Samuel is 9 years old, he will be remembered as a thief, arsonist and a murderer.

                              Kasimir Burgess , James Armstrong
                              Fiction | Australia | 2012 | 0:15:00

                              Melbourne International Film Festival
                              Hong Kong International Film Festival

                                Autumn Leaves

                                Abel lives in the winter and Apolline lives in the summer. Isolated in their "natures", they never met each other.

                                Aude Danset & Carlos De Carvalho
                                Animation | France | 2012 | 0:10:13

                                SHORT SHORTS Film Festival - Tokyo : CG Animation Best Short Award (JAPAN)
                                MUNDOS DIGITALES Festival - A Coruña : Best International Short Film & Jury Special Award (SPAIN)



                                    Student Director



                                  "Katachi" means "shape". The video is made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter. It's an everlasting chain of convulsive memories.

                                  Animation | Poland | 2013 | 0:03:05

                                    As It Used to Be

                                    In a near futur, all the teachers made their classes through a webcam. But an history teacher will see his routine change when a student came to his class...

                                    Clement Gonzalez
                                    Fiction | France | 2012 | 0:08:13

                                    Special Price of the Jury / Audience Award - Festival du Film Court en Plein Air de Grenoble 2013.
                                    Audience Award - Festival 7ème art du Lys de Dammarie Lè Lys 2013

                                      On the Sidelines

                                      Sumin is ready to commit suicide.

                                      Ji Tae-kyoung
                                      Fiction | Korea (south) | 2012 | 0:15:58

                                        A Furtive Tear / Una Furtiva Lagrima

                                        The last journey of a fish as it sings its own requiem, from its sale at the fish market all the way into the frying pan.

                                        Carlo Vogele
                                        Animation | USA | 2012 | 0:03:08

                                          Walking the Dogs

                                          A Buckingham Palace guard attending to Queen Elizabeth's room takes her dogs for a walk and while he's away an intruder breaks in for a chat with the monarch.
                                          WALKING THE DOGS is based on Michael Fagan incident in 1982.

                                          Jeremy Brock
                                          Fiction | UK | 2012 | 0:27:14

                                            The Acrobat

                                            Every forty seconds a person commits suicide in the world. The Acrobat is the story of one of them.

                                            Gerardo Herrero
                                            Fiction | Spain | 2012 | 0:15:00


                                            • Mature

                                            Penny Dreadful

                                            The story of a kidnapping gone horribly wrong.

                                            Shane Atkinson
                                            Fiction| USA | 2012 | 0:17:43

                                            Prix du Public (Audience Award) - International Competition at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
                                            Audience Award – International Competition at Vila do Conde – Portugal

                                            • Student Director



                                              Student Director

                                            WORLD DRAMA

                                            Tamburine Buttocks

                                            This video work is a celebration of the "BUNDA PANDEIRO." In Brazilian slang, the two words are used to describe attractive buttocks
                                            by referring to them as a tambourine. The rear end has globally become the new focus of sexuality. The film blurs the lines between gender and race by reducing each participant to the role of a musical instrument. Traditional sexual roles and racial constructs are eliminated. The opera is a metaphorical representation of the “tambourine,“ which has no gender, or ethnicity but is defined perfect just from the sound that it makes.

                                            carlo sampietro
                                            Experimental | Brazil | 2012 | 0:02:05

                                            Sao Paulo Film festival do minute (winner)
                                            Berlin international short film festival (finalist)

                                              MeTube: August sings Carmen 'Habanera"

                                              "MeTube", a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet, has attracted international attention.

                                              Daniel Moshel
                                              Animation | Austria | 2013 | 0:04:00


                                                Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.

                                                Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke
                                                Fiction | Australia | 2013 | 0:07:00

                                                Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2013, Seoul, South Korea
                                                Las Vegas Film Festival 2013, Las Vegas, USA

                                                • Mature

                                                Romy, I'm shy

                                                Juergen Vollmer met The Beatles 1960 in Hamburg music club Kaiserkeller. They hung around together, Vollmer started photographing them and when they met again in Paris, The Beatles insisted to get his haircut.
                                                A montage of animated sequences, interviews and original artist photos by J.Vollmer.

                                                Andreas Gruetzner
                                                Documentary | Germany | 2013 | 0:14:57

                                                Shortfilmfestival Hamburg /Germany - World Premier – June 2013
                                                DOC/FEST Sheffield / UK Viedeotheque – June 2013

                                                  Cold Blood

                                                  Fabrice, a cold and manipulative young man receives an impromptu visit of his colleague Benoît.

                                                  Chakib Taleb Bendiab
                                                  Fiction | France | 2013 |0:15:00

                                                  • Mature

                                                  The Mass of Men

                                                  Richard, an unemployed 55-year-old, arrives 3 minutes late for his appointment at a job centre. An advisor, stifled by the limits of the system she works in, has no choice but to penalise him for his tardiness. To avoid plunging further into destitution, Richard takes desperate measures.

                                                  Gabriel Gauchet
                                                  Fiction | UK | 2012 | 0:16:54

                                                  Festival del Film Locarno - International Competition Pardi di domani
                                                  Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
                                                  and more

                                                  • Mature


                                                  In Paris, two people find themselves suddenly attracted by an unstoppable force : Gravity.

                                                  Steven Liszka
                                                  Fiction | France | 2012 | 0:29:25



                                                      Student Director

                                                    MATURE ECLECTIC

                                                    Asian Delight

                                                    Over the past 30 years Ferry Bertholet has collected Chinese erotic art. His collection is the largest in the world. It has dominated his life: now he is at the point of selling it or keep on going.

                                                    Koert Davidse
                                                    Documentary | Netherlands | 2012 | 0:11:40

                                                    Netherlands Film Festival (Utrecht - Sept 2012)
                                                    FIFA (Montreal – March 2013)

                                                    • Mature/Nudity


                                                    A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world. A world of the paranormal or perhaps insanity.

                                                    Lorcan Finnegan
                                                    Fiction | Ireland | 2012 | 0:15:36

                                                    IFTA (Irish Film and Television Academy) winner Best Short Film
                                                    Kaohsiung International Film Festival – Best International Short Film

                                                    • Mature/Nudity


                                                    A dark fantastical tale in which a man enters into a pact with all the insect inhabitants of his rural cottage. when Joy leaves, Jonathan receives an array of services in exchange for surrendering a room in his house to the insects. his existence dripping with honey ,sex ,flies ,meat... and a very sticky end

                                                    karni arieli, saul freed
                                                    Fiction | UK | 2012 | 0:20:00

                                                    • Mature

                                                    Land of My Dreams

                                                    Bianca and her Mother meet again in Porto after many years. Together, they will hit the road with their stripping show, running after lost time, impossible love and strange fantasies…

                                                    Yann Gonzalez
                                                    Fiction | Portugal | 2012 | 0:20:00

                                                    2013 Tenerife International Short Film Festival, Spain
                                                    2013 Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Netherland

                                                    • Mature/Nudity


                                                    Francis manages a video club that owes its success to films featuring Ti-Kong, star of Kung-Fu and breaker of necks. Insecure about the size of his dick, Francis is afraid to reveal his feelings to his employee Sonia. But when she gets a role in Evil Nurse - the latest Ti-Kong opus - Francis no longer has a choice. He must get his sexual confidence back to save Sonia from a terrible danger: the Dickslap.

                                                    Jean-Baptiste Saurel
                                                    Fiction | France | 2012 | 0:25:30

                                                    • Mature/Nudity



                                                      Student Director

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