Rino Stefano Tagliafierro


Born in 1980, he gratuated from ISIA in Urbino and from European Institute of Design in Milan. He loves to create situations, as if they were memories suspended in our mind that can be revived only within the video itself.

M+A // "My Super 8"

The ratio of love/hate relationship between two beautiful sister lifeless is told through both soft and mechanical loop

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Music Video | Italy | 2011 | 0:04:50

    David Jones // Rhyhm Alive

    A Dj awakens the dead, turning them into zombies through the rhythm of his music.

    Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
    Music Video | Italy | 2012 | 0:04:10

    • Mature

    Eva // Cadono Nuvole

    In a seemingly abandoned home strange presences hovering stuck in time and in their special situation.

    Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
    Music Video | Italy | 2012 | 0:03:55

      M+A // Bam

      Hypnotics gymnastic exercises in a mesmerizing choreography.

      Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
      Music Video | Italy | 2012 | 0:03:54

        Big Fish // Io Faccio (Feat. Morgan)

        On the night before the big event a dancer tries to defeat the demons and fears that reside within it.

        Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
        Music Video | Italy | 2013 | 0:04:39

          Orax // Rockers

          In a former abandoned asylum, between forceps, scalpels and envelope meters patients writhe to music in a disturbing but hopelessly glam.

          Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
          Music Video | Italy | 2013 | 0:03:34

            Georgis Grigorakis


            Born in 1983. He studied Social Psychology at Sussex University. He directs short films, video art and video clips, undertaking a Masters in Directing Fiction at the National Film and Television School, UK.

            45 DEGREES

            The fridge is empty. The situation is very tense. A father changes under the burden of the economic crisis. It’s getting dark and its still boiling hot. A capital at the border of exploding.

            Georgis Grigorakis
            Fiction | Greece | 2012 | 0:14:00


              “A game is worth it if, in playing it, you forget everything - even its consequences”

              Georgis Grigorakis
              Fiction | UK | 2012 | 0:20:01

                AND ME FOR MYSELF

                Antonis’s recent past keeps catching up on him. Reality not allow him to escape the images. He couldn’t give a about anything. He needs to Dependant on his girlfriend as much as…

                Georgis Grigorakis
                Fiction | Greece | 2009 | 0:20:00


                  Frederick Tremblay


                  An owner of independent animation films since 2001. He received the Best Canadian Film Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2009 and Best Narrative Short Film in 2011.

                  The Drawer and the Crow

                  A young woman impose on a young man trying to forget an other girl…

                  Frederick Trembla
                  Animation | Canada | 2009 | 0:14:00

                  • Mature


                  A disfigured woman, prison of her house, must choose between a growing friendship for her husband’s mistress or her love for the unfaithful man…

                  Frederick Trembla
                  Animation | Canada | 2010 | 0:11:18

                  • Mature

                  Blanche Fraise

                  In a forest where food is getting rare, a female rabbit gets caught in a trap. Condemned to wait for the hunter, she sees her husband slowly abandoning her…

                  Frederick Trembla
                  Animation | Canada | 2011 | 0:16:45

                  • Mature

                  Dae Eol Yoo

                  Korea (South)

                  Born in 1978. He was graduated from Korean National University of Arts, School of Film, TV & Multimedia.

                  Etude Solo

                  A piano tuner happens to go to a children's outdoor concert for business.
                  There, he meets his first lover who he played the piano together with in his childhood.

                  Dae Eol Yoo
                  Fiction | Korea | 2011 | 0:28:02

                    The Jazz Quartet

                    The portrait of four people from a jazz band coming from North Korea to South Korea.

                    Dae Eol Yoo
                    Fiction | Korea | 2012 | 0:25:00


                      James Cunningham

                      New Zealand

                      Born in 1973, he has directed ten award winning short films, being a Senior Lecturer at Media Design School. he was Head of 3D at Digital Post working on Visual Effects and he was a technical director on The Lord of the Rings at Weta Digital.


                      a mutant three-fingered hand attempts a brash virtual heist, seeking to wipe a student loan debt in a government databank.

                      James Cunningham
                      Animation SF | New zealand | 1999 | 0:08:15


                        Two soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines, find an orphaned baby in a ditch.

                        James Cunningham
                        Animation | New zealand | 2009 | 0:10:37

                          Das Tub

                          Lost in the frozen depths of the Atlantic a German U-Boat crew find themselves on a collision course with objects stranger than they can fathom.

                          James Cunningham
                          Animation | New zealand | 2010 | 0:04:05

                            First Contact

                            Two aliens interrogate a sub-contractor who they sent to Earth to handle 'first contact', but things didn't quite go to plan.

                            James Cunningham
                            Animation | New zealand | 2010 | 0:05:35

                              Time For Change

                              A long simmering spousal feud comes to a head. Who will be left standing?

                              James Cunningham
                              Animation | New zealand | 2010 | 0:02:53

                                Rotting Hill

                                It is not easy to find love, especially if you are falling apart, stinky and a little bloody around the edges.

                                James Cunningham
                                Comedy | New zealand | 2011 | 0:04:16

                                • Mature

                                Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game

                                Lord Broadforce is showing off his collection methods of rare Venusian wildlife - all guns blazing!

                                James Cunningham
                                SF | New zealand | 2012 | 0:06:52


                                  Even robots get bored in dead end jobs, until they realize they are about to be replaced by humans!

                                  James Cunningham
                                  Comedy SF | New zealand | 2012 | 0:05:36

                                    Kouki Tange


                                    Born in1968. Tokyo University of Art and Design graduate. Producing many music videos, TV commercial, CD jacket design, art events and released of Works TANGE KOUKI MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION. Declare the anti-nuclear, Launched and fellow art movement “NOddiN” after the nuclear accident in Fukushima.


                                    A fake TV program that people might have watched 30 years ago if Japan did not have the national isolation in during the Edo period.

                                    Kouki Tange
                                    Music Video | Japan | 2010 | 0:04:31


                                      The fictional story that a group of middle aged men reunite to form a band. This reunion might influence the birth of the Japanese band Mr. Children.

                                      Kouki Tange
                                      Music Video | Japan | 2003 | 0:05:41

                                        Houkiboshi Ordinary Beauty

                                        Ordinary people work daily wearing uniforms. A man spends an ordinary day; however, he decides to take a new stride forward.

                                        Kouki Tange
                                        Musical | Japan | 2006 | 0:15:46


                                          An ugly and monstrous looking man wants to make friends and practices something every night. Let’s find out what it's about.

                                          Kouki Tange
                                          Music Video | Japan | 2008 | 0:07:26


                                            By describing human life in a symbolic way, this clip tries to capture the beauty of time that drifts between "life" and "death".

                                            Kouki Tange
                                            Video Art | Japan | 2006 | 0:06:37

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