• Off

    I am surprised, I am worried, I am obstinated, I am obsessed, I am defeated... I am... Off.

    Thomas Scohy, Kevin Zonnenberg

    Fiction, Comedy | France | 2016 | 0:02:47

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg | 2016 | Germany | Rank 3rd in the quickie competition
    ・Hakis Short Film Festival Ankara | 2017 | Turkey | Best Actor
    ・Miami European Short Film Festival | 2017 | USA

  • Asteria

    Two astronauts go on the conquest of an unknown planet but an unusual situation will put their professionalism to the test.

    Lola Grand, Alexandre Arpentinier, Mathieu Blanchys, Tristan Lamarca, Thomas Lemaille, Jean-Charles Lusseau

    Animation, Comedy | France | 2016 | 0:04:48

  • Saint Désir

    Normandy countryside may look peaceful, but it has sometimes some shameful secrets hidden. Charlotte and Jeremy, two teenagers meet during an overwhelming summer, where boredom brings death and death meets love.

    Caroline Detournay, Paulina Pisarek

    Documentary, Fiction | France | 2016 | 0:28:24

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Clermont Ferrand Film Festival | 2017 | France | Selection

  • Butter Lamp

    A young itinerant photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to photograph them in front of various background.

    Wei Hu

    Fiction Environment | France/China | 2013 | 0:16:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・GOLDEN HORSE AWARD du meilleur court-métrage | 2013 | Taïwan
    ・Festival International de Clermont Ferrand | 2014 | France
    ・Scarborough Film Festival | 2014 | Canada | Best short film jury prize

  • Time To Love

    Gilles is a madly jealous guy. When his girlfriend, Lucie, cancels their date, he is convinced that she’s having an affair. He rings at her door at midnight to know the truth. But is he ready for this?

    Pierre Ferrière

    Fiction, Comedy | France | 2016 | 0:09:41

  • Frank-Étienne Towards Grace


    Constance Meyer

    Fiction Comedy | France | 2012 | 0:12:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Dresden Film Festival | 2014 | Germany | Best Short Fiction Film - International Competition, Nominated Golden Horseman
    ・First Run Festival | 2014 | Best Cinematography, Won Craft Award
    ・First Run Festival | 2014 | Directing, Won

  • Limbo

    The leopard shall lie down with the goat.
    The wolves shall live with the lambs.
    And the young boy will lead them.
    12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore…

    Konstantina Kotzamani

    Fiction, Dorama | France, Greece | 2016 | 0:29:49

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Special Jury Award Festivals Connexion at Grenoble Short Film Festival
    ・Best short fiction at International Film Festival Cine de Queretaro
    ・Best camera at Gjirokastra Film Festival

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